Viewer Mail 3.1.2011

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The Other Mike in The Bleacher Seats writes RE Francisco Liriano:

I read this morning that a trade was imminent, but apparently it fell apart because the Twins refused to take Hank Steinbrenner.

I truly wouldn’t be surprised on a couple of fronts. One, because the Twins history of trading has been spotty; and two, because of the media nonsense that’s cropping up regarding Liriano.

Bob Nightengale of USA Today is going on and on about the Yankees and Twins as if they’re avidly talking trade while both sides are insisting that Liriano is not on the market and no negotiations are ongoing. It was exacerbated by Jim Bowden (and we all know how credible he is) saying the following on Twitter:

Bob Nightengale of USA Today just told us that he thinks its possible that Liriano is traded to the Yanks in nxt 2 weeks for Nova or Joba +

I do suppose there’s some accuracy in the far-ranging statement of “it’s possible”.

It’s possible that space aliens will reveal themselves and take control of planet earth.

It’s possible that Adam Sandler will cease being annoying.

It’s possible that Sarah Palin will say something intelligent and unrehearsed.

It’s possible that Hank Steinbrenner’s head will pop like a pricked balloon.

Under those parameters, anything is possible, but in reality, none of that stuff (apart from maybe Hank’s head exploding) are expected in the foreseeable future.

For what possible reason would the Twins—who harbor championship aspirations—trade Liriano in spring training to a rival for those hopes?

In spring….training?


And why help the Yankees?

And for Joba Chamberlain? Really?

I can see it in July if the Twins fall out of contention; then it makes sense, but now?

On the other hand, if I were advising the Yankees, I would not trade Ivan Nova for Liriano. Liriano is not a drastic upgrade from Nova in anything but name recognition/fan-media placation.

From Nightengale we received that insipid speculation and from Andrew Marchand of ESPN, we get this piece that looks like a high school essay with an assigned set of bulletpoints that had to be placed into the text to receive a passing grade. One particular gem was this:

If no trade is made, the Yankees will likely watch the Twins closely because Liriano is the type of starter they would like to slot behind CC Sabathia in their rotation.

No kidding. Thanks for that.

Marchand’s lucky I’m not grading his paper.

Is this what passes for “reporting”? Baseless speculation and nonsense?

Naturally none of the silliness discussed above precludes the Twins from turning around and trading Liriano to the Yankees, but because the reporters writing about it are treating us like dolts isn’t mutually exclusive from the Twins or Yankees doing something stupid. Both can and often do exist side-by-side.

That said, the Twins aren’t trading Liriano to the Yankees in spring training. No way.

Pam writes RE Cliff Lee and the Yankees:

I was deeply disappointed when Lee decided to go elsewhere—-a reasonable and fair reaction, IMHO. I wanted my favorite team to improve–who doesn’t? However, I moved on after a few days of mourning. I have grown very weary of the fact that the “Yankees missing out on Cliff Lee” is still an issue with some segments of the media and with the chunk of Yankees fans that embarrass me and make me say, “See? This is why people hate the Yankees, you schmuck!”

If I had a magic wand, I’d wave it and then Cliff Lee would be a Yankee. But I don’t.


Mike Fierman also writes RE Cliff Lee and the Yankees:

i didn’t get to the end of this article but i got the gist of it. So what if i hate him for not wanting to be a Yankee? I do hate him and wish him nothing but bad luck. I love my team and anyone who prefers to play somewhere else for less money is the object of my antipathy. I guess it’s a slow time and you needed an off day. i get it…

It is why people hate the Yankees, but it’s not due to the Yankees themselves; it’s due to the segment of the fan base who feels as if it’s a personal insult if they don’t get everything they want and any and all players bends to their will and money.

Disappointment is thoroughly understandable, but the non-stop complaining is beyond tiresome; it’s self-defeating. If I’m a prospective free agent and I see that this is the response I would get from Yankees fans for the slightest misstep and the money is similar in a different locale, it could be this one small thing that prevents the future acquisitions of marketable free agents.

As for the slow day/off day business, all you need to do is read the above pieces from Marchand and Nightengale and see the true essence of “slow day/off day”.

The post emanated from the constant social media carping whenever Lee’s name was mentioned. It’s whiny; it’s babyish; it’s bitter; and it’s stupid.

2 thoughts on “Viewer Mail 3.1.2011

  1. Yah. I get it. I mean I get that — as a whole — Yankees fans seem to feel entitled to, well, everything. The rest of the world though (which includes me) find it pretty tired and cliche. These ears are deaf to it.

  2. The Yankee fan reaction reminds me of a controlling ex-boyfriend that won’t get it into his head that the relationship is over. He still checks her Facebook wall everyday, follows her to work, and goes through her trash.

    Of course, that might not be appropriate, because in my metaphor there was actually a relationship to speak of.

    The same cannot be said for NY & Cliff Lee. There was almost a relationship, more than once, but it never materialized and they’re having a lot of trouble getting over it.

    Well, guess what, Cliff Lee doesn’t want to date you and he didn’t want to date my Texas Rangers either. He’s likes the Phillies better. That shouldn’t be a reason to say that you hate him, because he didn’t do anything personally to anyone.

    At the end of the day he is a guy with a job and, unlike a lot of people, he actually got to decide where he wanted to work. He chose the place he and his family most wanted to be.

    The 2011 season will happen anyway, whether you’re okay with your team’s situation or not.

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