Viewer Mail 3.4.2011

Media, Players, Spring Training

The Other Mike in The Bleacher Seats writes RE Cliff Lee and Yankees fans:

The Yankee fan reaction reminds me of a controlling ex-boyfriend that won’t get it into his head that the relationship is over. He still checks her Facebook wall everyday, follows her to work, and goes through her trash.

Of course, that might not be appropriate, because in my metaphor there was actually a relationship to speak of.

The same cannot be said for NY & Cliff Lee. There was almost a relationship, more than once, but it never materialized and they’re having a lot of trouble getting over it.

Well, guess what, Cliff Lee doesn’t want to date you and he didn’t want to date my Texas Rangers either. He’s likes the Phillies better. That shouldn’t be a reason to say that you hate him, because he didn’t do anything personally to anyone.

At the end of the day he is a guy with a job and, unlike a lot of people, he actually got to decide where he wanted to work. He chose the place he and his family most wanted to be.

The 2011 season will happen anyway, whether you’re okay with your team’s situation or not.

This is a classic comment that could be transferred to many other venues—Twitter chiefly among them. And suffice it to say I ain’t the stalker; which leaves only the possibility of either being ignored or functioning as the stalkee. Take a guess as to which it is; and here’s a hint—I’m hard to ignore.

Joe writes RE Adrian Beltre:

I don’t know whether Beltre is hurt enough to play or not. But I heard that he played through injuries in 09′ and 10,’ more so 09′ when his down year was due to playing hurt (So I’ve heard). Both of these were of course contract years. The difference is that this is Spring Training, of course. But if he all of a sudden sits out every time he is banged up a little, it will leave me wondering…Of course, I have no proof of anything, so speculation will only get me so far :)

This Star-Telegram blog suggests that Beltre could be out beyond the two weeks they initially had as a healing timeframe.

I wouldn’t give Beltre a hard time about it, but I’d still have it in my mind that he’s got a reputation for coming up big in his contract year and then having all sorts of stuff happen to him after he signs.

I’m not the biggest Beltre fan and I don’t think he’s a malingerer, but until he plays well after signing that contract, there will be that perception surrounding him.

It’s only spring training, but I’d advise the Rangers to take it easy with him even when they think he’s ready to return; calves are tricky; Jimmy Rollins can attest to that and it could be a problem all season long if it’s not allowed to heal properly due to pressure on him to play before he’s healthy.

Jane Heller at Confessions of a She-Fan writes RE the Cubs dugout fight between Carlos Silva and Aramis Ramirez:

I’d understand it more if it had been a fight over a girl! They’re not exactly in a pennant race.

Fighting over a girl or money in a card game (another example of behavior I would not allow in my clubhouse—playing cards for money) would leave hard feelings; this was a heat-of-the-moment response from Silva and Ramirez happened to catch the brunt of it.

Like I said yesterday, no harm/no foul.

And if the Cubs wait for a pennant race to fight amongst themselves it’s likely to be a very peaceful clubhouse in 2011.

Norm writes RE Billy Beane:

Lovely Q & A article in yahoo sports with our man, Billy Beane, discussing such matters as stolen bases, bunting, healthcare plans and the upcoming movie.

Norm’s referring to this tongue-in-cheek piece on Yahoo.

It’s nothing personal, but I’ve had more than my fill of Billy Beane. Enough already. Win something other than a popularity contest based on nothing.

Jeff at Red State Blue State writes RE Barry Zito and Buster Olney:

When I saw that linked on the trade rumors site I literally choked on the coffee I was trying to drink.

LUNACY doesn’t even BEGIN to describe that notion.

I’ve been told that editors play a strong hand in the stories that are published on ESPN and clearly it’s not with an eye on accuracy or competence.

They go to such extremes with the advertising blitz—“No one knows baseball better” or whatever the line is regarding Olney—that it’s putting him in an unwinnable situation; on the one hand, he’s supposed to be a credible voice; on the other, a personality whose taken the edicts to a logical conclusion and expressing them with a seriousness that belies any semblance of reality.

He was once a good baseball writer and, unlike some employees of ESPN present and past, he does post every day without mailing it in as if he’s doing everyone a favor by saying “here!” during attendance in homeroom.

The content however is disingenuous; it impugns the credibility of an entity like ESPN, a network of websites and channels that’s a massive purveyor of sports news around the world. They have a responsibility to provide fact and not twisted, agenda-laden pablum like “Zito might be replaced by Suppan“.

It’s insulting to a knowledgeable fan and creates a controversy for the club—in this case the Giants—that was totally unnecessary.



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