So It’s Brett Myers Now, Is It?

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Who’s next?

The Francisco Liriano gibberish went nowhere as writers played it up as if it had some validity by using twisted, clumsy and transparent verbiage to say a load of stuff.

Said stuff was denied on all ends from the Yankees to the Twins; in fact, it was a ridiculous notion to begin with and it emanated from the imagination of those who had nothing else to write about and were seeking ways to create a firestorm where there wasn’t one.

If the Twins trade Liriano, it won’t be in spring training and their first choice would be out of the American League entirely; and if they do send him to the Yankees they’re not giving him away and it won’t be until the summer.

So they had to move on to another “name”.

The new object of their affections is Astros righty Brett Myers.

That’s nice. You can read about it in this NY Post column by George King. (Or is it George A. King III? I myself am Paul S. Lebowitz I—Exploder of Idiocies with Force Lightning.)

A few questions: Why would the Astros trade Myers after they refused to deal him at the deadline last season when they were hopelessly out of contention and had yet to sign him to an extension?

Why would the Astros trade Myers after signing him to a contract extension through 2012 with an inexpensive option for 2013?

And why would the Astros—whose starting pitching is one of the only moderate strengths they have—trade Myers to the Yankees?

King appears to have relied on the web for contract details rather than calling the Astros to get confirmation. In fairness, there appears to be a mistake on Cots Baseball Contracts that says Myers has an option for 2012 when it’s actually 2013; but I use Cots Baseball Contracts; George A. King III should be making calls to confirm before publication, shouldn’t he?

I emailed the administrator of the site, so the mistake may be repaired by the time you click on the link.

Because he wanted to stay in Houston, Myers signed with the Astros despite the opportunity to capitalize on his excellent and durable comeback season in 2010; it was a mutual commitment on both sides to stay together. Now they’re going to turn around and trade him? Why? Because the Yankees might want him?

This concept that the Yankees “targeting” a player and getting him simply due to desire has to stop. The Astros aren’t trading Myers this year and the Yankees have a massive hole in their starting rotation that will have to wait to be filled.

They’re not getting a veteran with a history of quality, 200+ inning performances in his past until June, July or August and they’re not getting him for free.

So forget it.

Do your research.

And stop wasting people’s time with garbage.


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