All-In, 2011

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This MLB Trade Rumors posting discusses the Red Sox. First it says that they’re open to numerous configurations of deals; then suggests the earlier report is “false”.

Again, there are varied statements, denials and explanatory expressions of context from “sources”.

I’m not interested in the veracity one way or the other. Considering the all-in nature of their 2011 roster, they’d be deranged to trade Mike Cameron, Tim Wakefield or Marco Scutaro unless the offer for said players was too good to pass up; considering these players, the likelihood of that happening is not good.

I’m not sold on Jacoby Ellsbury offensively, defensively or physically; I feel that Cameron will be playing center field regularly by May somehow, some way. And they’re a better team with Cameron over Ellsbury.

Regarding Wakefield, he’d retire rather than go to another team at this point; and every year they’ve marginalized the knuckleballer, they’ve ended up needing him and he’s come through.

Scutaro is a veteran who was signed for his consistency; they know what they’re getting and they’ll get it. They could win with Jed Lowrie playing shortstop, but with Dustin Pedroia coming back from foot surgery, aren’t they better off with the depth that Lowrie provides?

This team is going for it now; to say that Jose Iglesias can play the position defensively is fair enough, but are they going in that direction with a rookie when they’ve invested so much in the 2011 season? With Jonathan Papelbon in his last season as a Red Sox? On a team rife with veterans who may be fading like J.D. Drew and David Ortiz?

It makes no sense.

As for Daisuke Matsuzaka and the willingness to trade him?

No kidding!!!

But, wait, I…I thought he was going to be the “best number 5 starter in the history of baseball”?

At least that’s what was suggested before spring training when the 2011 Red Sox were compared with the 1927 Yankees.

Of course it’s ridiculous; the team would desperately love to be rid of Matsuzaka and everyone knows it. He’s got a full no-trade clause and is making $10 million this year and $10 million in 2012. Someone would take him, but the Red Sox would have to: A) take little back in return; B) pay a chunk of his salary; and C) convince Matsuzaka to waive his no-trade clause.

Highly unlikely.

Trading Matsuzaka is next-to-impossible; dealing Cameron, Wakefield or Scutaro are inane.

That doesn’t mean they won’t happen, but it does mean it’d be stupid.

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2 thoughts on “All-In, 2011

  1. I am not sold on Ellsbury offensively or defensively either. But I think he can be a decent player this year. And Cameron offers much more flexibility playing in RF and DH’ing against some lefties. And he can play some center too, of course. Also, he is 37 now. So having him play sometimes, rather than everyday, should benefit him, keeping him healthy and fresh.

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