Viewer Mail 3.17.2011

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St. Patrick gave you a reason to get drunk today; I gave Mets fans a reason (well, more of a reason) yesterday.

To the mails!

The Other Mike in The Bleacher Seats writes RE the Rangers and Neftali Feliz:

I don’t pretend to know what Wash is thinking, but it might be that he’s trying to get the attention of Mark Lowe or another bullpen guy. Lowe had said that, if Feliz’s role were to change, he wanted the closer’s job. He hasn’t really shown that he can handle it, so maybe his manager was trying to push some buttons to make him more competitive.

I’m going to play the Buster Olney card and say that a source told me I’m right on the money here.

I don’t get the sense of pretentiousness from Ron Washington that he uses sly allusions to motivate and send messages to his players.

I totally understand where he’s coming from; the designated closer gives the manager a built-in excuse when that closer gacks up a game; if a manager has to find someone to do the job and determine whether to stay with what he’s got or try something else, he’s wide open for second guessing; with Washington, he’s more wide open for second guessing since his bullpen deployment is weak to begin with.

I’m sure Lowe does want the closer’s role; like Washington saying he wanted someone established, my reply is: Yeah? So?

Ah, Buster Olney. He hears voices.

Bob’s Blitz writes RE me:

The volume of accurate and interesting information that Paul Lebowitz can pump out is amazing.

Bob is a good man.

If you haven’t checked his site, dig it for pop culture, comedy, sports and—most importantly—pics of great looking women.

Jane Heller at Confessions of a She-Fan writes RE my book excerpt—link:

Looking forward to your Yankees review – I think.

Have the lambs stopped screaming, Jane?

You needn’t worry about me calling on you; I find the world more interesting with you in it. Make sure and extend me that same courtesy…

I’ve been wanting to mention a couple of things regarding the book. There are plenty of companies you can use to circumvent the mainstream publishers and get your product out there, but I-Universe has consistently given me great service and a beautiful product.

They especially went above-and-beyond the call of duty this year by speeding up the process so I could make changes that I wouldn’t have otherwise made due to time constraints and the need to get the book out as quickly as possible.

For example, the Adam Wainwright injury occurred after I’d submitted the manuscript and I was prepared to move forward with the book as it was, but I was assured that the alterations wouldn’t delay the process for more than one day and I made the changes.

I recommend them to everyone. If you read me regularly, you know my praise doesn’t come lightly or cheaply.

Jeff at Red State Blue State writes RE my book excerpt, Carlos Beltran and the Mets:

I pretty much agree with this… especially the Beltran scenario. Sorta sad that THAT’S what Mets fans have to look forward to…. the most…. in my opinion.

It’s all cyclical. The Mets do have plenty of talent, but in that division with all the pitching questions and off-field legal/financial cesspool, it is what it is.

Max Stevens writes RE the Mets and my book excerpt:

Great preview of the Mets today.  I’m looking forward to reading your book.  There’s little if anything I disagree with in your analysis. So how long do you think it’ll be before the fire sale starts in Queens?  Do you think that Alderson and his brain trust would torch the whole thing to the ground and rebuild from scratch?  This is actually the scenario I’m hoping for, much as it hurts me to see the Mets lose again and again.  But can a nuclear option – dealing Wright, Reyes, and maybe even Jason Bay – fly in NYC?

They’d be foolish not to listen on anyone. I doubt they’ll trade David Wright but given his position and contract status, they’d get a bounty for him. Bay’s making a lot of money; he’s not going anywhere.

The saddest part is it doesn’t matter if it would fly. Fans are fed up. There’s the natural optimism from opening day approaching, but, as I said to Jeff, reality is what it is. This is how it has to be. It’s borderline preordained.

This is kinda-sorta a comment even though it wasn’t said to me directly.

I was linked on LoneStarBall after my posting about the Rangers—link.

The comment portion is interesting. It goes as follows:

So how much heed should we pay to a person who immediately goes on to say:

On another note regarding the Rangers search for a closer, why didn’t they keep Rich Harden and try him as the closer if they intended to shift Feliz to the rotation?

The poster of the link defended me with:

I don’t really care if you pay heed or not, just sharing some Interwebby reading.

But to be fair, you did leave out his reasoning on how Harden might be better suited as a closer.

Here’s what I don’t get: do people not understand the concept of context? That picking and choosing quotes to bolster an argument is a losing proposition?

Rather than present a reasonable, cogent case against my idea of Rich Harden as a closer—and there are several—they edit creatively, dishonestly and clumsily and follow-up with a snide dismissal.

It’s transparent and weak.

You want an argument against Harden as a closer? Here it is: He’s never been a reliever; he sometimes loses the strike zone; his injury problems are constant and occur to various parts of his body; and he had an $11 million option for 2011 with a $1 million buyout that the Rangers weren’t going to exercise no matter what; if they were going to keep him, it would’ve been under a renegotiated and cheaper deal.

But instead, we get a short, sweet and inaccurate bit of snark designed to denigrate.

If that’s the best you’ve got, don’t waste your time coming at me.

I published a full excerpt of my book yesterday here.

The book is available  now. Click here to get it in paperback or E-Book on I-Universe or on Amazon or BN. It’s also available via E-book on


2 thoughts on “Viewer Mail 3.17.2011

    1. …and also, if Washington was trying to fire up Mark Lowe, it didn’t work. Another terrible outing yesterday. Nothing resembling success since coming over last summer.

      I want to see Feliz as a starter, but this year might not be the year to do it.

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