2011 Predicted American League Standings

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American League East       Wins       Losses      GB

1. Boston Red Sox                100          62             —

2. New York Yankees            89           73             11

3. Tampa Bay Rays               86            76            14

4. Toronto Blue Jays             83            79            17

5. Baltimore Orioles               66            96           34

American League Central         Wins     Losses     GB

1. Chicago White Sox                   92           70        —

2. Detroit Tigers*                          90           72         2

3. Minnesota Twins                       76           86        16

4. Kansas City Royals                   72           90        20

5. Cleveland Indians                      67           95         25

* Denoted predicted Wild Card Winner.

American League West      Wins     Losses     GB

1. Los Angeles Angels            87           75         —

2. Texas Rangers                   86           76          1

3. Oakland Athletics                84           78         3

4. Seattle Mariners                  67           95         20

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I’ll link them as they’re up.

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3 thoughts on “2011 Predicted American League Standings

  1. WOW, the Red Sox will be THAT far ahead? I really feel it might be closer between the Sox, Rays and Yanks. And what about the “Miracle Worker” Buck Showalter?

    Also, Joe Mauer is way too good-looking to take third place.

  2. You dare to choose the Angels over the Rangers?!?! This simply will not do!

    My only course of action is to immediately unfollow you on Twitter! A lesson you will not soon forget!!

    You’re dead to me, Paul Lebowitz! DEAD!!

    (sarcasm over)

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