Mets DFA Boyer; Recall Isringhausen And Igarashi

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What the Mets were expecting from Blaine Boyer is a mystery.

There are players for whom you look beyond their statistics and decide to give them a chance even if it’s at the expense of more proven commodities; but Boyer was a journeyman reliever with poor strikeout/control numbers before joining the Mets and that’s what he was with the Mets—beard, goatee, clean-shaven or whatever.

It made little sense to keep Boyer and run the risk of losing the younger and better Manny Acosta and letting proven veteran Jason Isringhausen retire or go to another club.

The Mets were lucky that Acosta got through waivers and is still with the organization; that Isringhausen was willing to hang around extended spring training for a couple of weeks before making a decision to retire or go to another team. Had the Mets not recalled Isringhausen, he’d shown enough that another team was going to pick him up.

In addition to Isringhausen, the Mets recalled Ryota Igarashi and optioned Lucas Duda to Triple A Buffalo—ESPN Story.

Despite struggles and injuries last season and his status as a forgotten man this spring, Igarashi has a power fastball and strikeout stuff; he showed flashes last season and has the potential to be a useful component.

I’m all in with finding journeyman-type relievers like Boyer and giving them a chance to pitch well out of the bullpen—that’s the proper way to build a bullpen inexpensively and intelligently; but it can’t be at the expense of better options; that’s exactly what Igarashi, Isringhausen and Acosta are.


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