Wuv Wu!!!

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The hug heard round the universe has created aftershocks that will likely be the genesis of newly formed galaxies.

Billions of years from now the debate will center on intelligent design; accident of circumstance; or Jim Hendry and Albert Pujols‘s pre-game hug as the Cardinals arrived in Chicago to play the Cubs.

The evidence follows.

Let’s hope it’s never destroyed or that the messenger isn’t targeted.

How long did the hug last?

Who initiated said hug?

Was there a surreptitious contract offer or solicitation implied in the placement of hands? Did Cubs GM Hendry whisper to Pujols, “You’re a pretty good player; we might pursue you after the season,”?

It’s a good thing that Pujols didn’t hug Colonel Gaddafi as did the tribal leaders who met with the Libyan leader did in a video clip released today—BBC.co.uk.

Worse yet, either man could’ve made the mistake of hugging Harold Reynolds.

And ESPN, oh boy ESPN, has taken this to heights previously reserved for Brett Favre’s choice between Cocoa Puffs and Cocoa Krispies. Had they thought this through, they could’ve made THE HUG into a trifecta of manufactured nothingness with a non-story twisted into a story; the rampant discussion and attention paid to the non-story as if it was an actual story; and Favre.

There’s no analysis here; there’s probably no ulterior motive; and if there is, who cares?

This can be turned into an agenda-twisted metaphor for the discouraging culture of fraternization; it can be made into a threat against the Cardinals from Pujols (“Look where I can go if you don’t pay me!”); or it could be an attempt to bolster the sagging morale of Cubs fans of a bright future ahead with Pujols.

Or it could’ve been a chance occurrence that the participants are using to their individual advantages.

So Albert Pujols hugged Jim Hendry.

So what?


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One thought on “Wuv Wu!!!

  1. I admit, I puked a little. But I’m over it… just like I’m over the whole Pujols debacle. If he stays, awesome. If he goes, best of luck to him. I am loyal to the Birds on the Bat… not one man.

    And that’s how I’ll always be.

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