Batter Down

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Where’s the genius?

Why can’t the Athletics score?

They made acquisitions to improve a moribund offense, but still don’t hit.

If you called last season’s offense impotent, you’d have been generous; so Billy Beane responded by trading for David DeJesus and Josh Willingham and signing Hideki Matsui—moves that should’ve improved the team’s output.

With a pitching staff that’s been fantastic from top-to-bottom, they should be better than this.

Who’s to blame for it?

Is it leaguewide pitching that’s stymying the A’s bats? Is it the vast dimensions of the Oakland Coliseum? Is it some other aspect?

You can justify being shut down by Felix Hernandez and Jered Weaver; but the apart from a game here and there, the A’s haven’t hit anyone—good or bad.

They’ve hit better at home than on the road.

What then?

Much like the idiotic assertion that Beane was a “genius”, he’s no more to blame for the offensive woes than he was the object of credit for when the team was a run-scoring machine.

The foundational structure of the Beane story predicates that he knows something that others don’t.

It was built on quicksand.

He brought in good bats that haven’t produced. Daric Barton hasn’t hit either.

Eventually, they will.

I think.

One has to wonder where the “objective” analysis would be if manager Bob Geren wasn’t considered Beane’s “best” friend; how long Gerald Perry is going to have to straighten out the slumbering offense as if he’s responsible for the success or failure of veteran hitters who listen to what they want to listen to from any hitting coach whether it was Tony Gwynn or Perry.

None of that matters much.

But can we trash the excuses and promulgation of the “infallible” Beane myth? And can we do it before the ridiculous Moneyball movie comes out?


Ah well, I’ll do it.

You can’t rely on anyone these days, you gotta do everything yourself…


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