Yeah, This Makes Sense

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I can see this. It’s perfectly reasonable and without over-the-top lunacy that would get a talk show caller shouted off the air.

I’m of course referring to the following clip from this MLBTradeRumors posting:

Steve Henson of Yahoo Sports shows that UCLA right-hander Trevor Bauer is talented, feisty and unorthodox. Could he be the next Tim Lincecum? One American League scout says he “could be as good as [Lincecum] or better.”


I get it.

As good as Lincecum or better.


A two-time Cy Young Award winner with a Hall of Fame start to his career, a world championship ring and status as a cultural phenomenon is easy to compare to a college pitcher; a college pitcher who—judging from the linked article on Yahoo—seems like a complete jerk whom I wouldn’t touch in the draft if there were comparable talents available.


It’s not hyperbolic. He’ll be the next Lincecum.

Write it down.

I can’t wait for the MLB Draft.


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