The Tommy John Pool

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Inspired by the draft and the deranged hyperbole surrounding it, I’m starting the Tommy John Pool.

The person who picks the first pitcher requiring the procedure from this year’s MLB Draft wins. Said pitcher can’t have the warning sign of a pre-existing condition to his elbow which might indicate the surgery to be likely and we’ll have to rely on the honor system.

When (not if) one of the selected pitchers (no position players) needs the surgery, you’ll be required to send me the money to distribute to the winner. And before anyone dares suggest that I’m hoping this happens, let me be clear, I don’t care one way or the other whether it happens or not. That’s honesty—the type of honesty that should say that I’m not going to muck with the results.

I’ll limit it to the first 10 rounds and $20 per person should accumulate a nice kitty for the winner. If you enter and welsh, I’m calling you out publicly faster than a crotch-shot of Anthony Weiner explodes across the internet and he issues a non-denial denial, lies, attacks, parses and eventually, kinda tells the truth.

In other words, fast.

Since some brilliant, unnamed scout compared UCLA righty Trevor Bauer to Tim Lincecum (and said he might be better—yah, that’s rational), Bauer is my pick.

Leave your selection in the form of a comment below and I’ll keep track.

Good luck.

Or bad luck.

Whichever you prefer.

Like anything else, it’s all a matter of perception and selfish interests.


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