Viewer Mail 6.15.2011

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Michael Grabow writes RE Joba Chamberlain:

Why would his career possibly be over? You very clearly either aren’t familiar with Tommy John surgery or you are living in 1975.

I’m not sure why people continue to engage in the concept that it’s a good idea to come at me with what appears to be a combination of condescension, arrogance and lack of reading comprehension.

Michael is referring to my posting about Joba Chamberlain after it was revealed he needed Tommy John surgery—link.

Apparently he thinks I said that Chamberlain’s career may be over when I said that Chamberlain’s Yankees career may be over.

I can understand the confusion if you didn’t actually read what I wrote, but it’s beyond me why you would take the time to comment and be so completely wrong about both the tone and context of what I said.

Pam writes RE Chamberlain:

Well, Prince, you called this one. I feel so badly for Joba. What a shame and what a terrible waste.

I don’t feel badly for him—it happens—but I do lament the way his talents were wasted because of paranoia and fear.

The Yankees can point to their attempts to “protect” Chamberlain, but close observers know the truth; that truth is that they enacted these rules and regulations not to develop him to the best he could possibly be, but to shield themselves from criticism. Talent is like a flower. You have to let it out into the light to make it grow. Chamberlain’s darkened cage was a major portion of his undoing.

Jeff at Red State Blue State writes RE my realignment plan:

I’m one of those guys who doesn’t like change just for the sake of not liking change, but this totally makes sense… however, I’d swap Seattle and San Diego’s positioning. Seattle is awfully far from the southwest.

You can see my MLB realignment plan here.

Geography is not my strong suit. I wasn’t exactly thinking “southwest” proper, but more South-West. I wanted to keep all the California teams in one division, but moving them based on proximity wouldn’t alter the general concept of six divisions with five teams in each.


One thought on “Viewer Mail 6.15.2011

  1. My asking of why you’d think his career would be over wasn’t intended to imply I was quoting you, I apologize if it came across that way….but come on. The tone of the entire article reads like a eulogy.

    “demolished what was once a promising career”
    “Now he’s not going to be a dominant starter.”
    “He’s not going to be a great closer.”
    “He’s not going to be a useful set-up man.”

    What I was (yes, sarcastically) saying was that, it’s not as if he’s going in for a surgery that’s groundbreaking. Tommy John surgery has become so extremely common and more importantly effective that as we’ve heard about a billion times “a lot of guys come back throwing harder.”

    Is it a guarantee that he’ll come back just as good or better? No, but I feel like most everyone has little concern that the results will be anything other than that. Now, as much as I hope not because it seems like he really turned a corner, you may very well be correct about him being done as a Yankee, but if that was the only thing you were looking to get across, then you exaggerated to say the least.

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