In what amounts to the equivalent of a nightmare from which you can’t wake up because it’s real, Pirates catcher Chris Snyder had to sit and watch his wife being attacked in a traffic dispute—ESPN Story.

Snyder was in the passenger seat of the car and being driven home from the hospital by his wife following back surgery; you can read the details of the story above.

It doesn’t sound as if anyone was injured physically in this incident, but putting myself in Snyder’s position, I can imagine the emotional pain he’s currently enduring along with the trauma experienced by his wife and children. Watching a loved one being physically threatened while unable to do anything about it is far worse than had Snyder gotten into the altercation himself and taken a beating. In fact, I’m sure he’d have preferred that.

It’s a good thing others intervened, but that won’t make it any easier for Snyder and his family.



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