Was McCourt A Mistake? ‘Twas

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Commissioner Bud Selig and Major League Baseball would be much happier had the only Frank McCourt they ever heard of was the late author of the books Angela’s Ashes and the sequel ‘Tis.

The embarrassments and legal fights as to whom is going to control the Los Angeles Dodgers—one of the game’s historic franchises in an imperative market—is going on-and-on.

Baseball has rejected McCourt’s latest attempt to stabilize the club finances with a loan from Fox. You can read the details of the whole mess and McCourt’s lawyer’s reaction here on ESPN.com.

The bottom line is this: even if McCourt had Warren Buffett advising him with a comprehensive plan for restructuring the debt; new growth avenues; guaranteed earnings; and common-sense principles, the deal would still be rejected.

It was Buffett who soothed the fissure between the Yankees and Alex Rodriguez after A-Rod’s infamous 2007 World Series contract opt-out.

He couldn’t fix the McCourt-MLB fight to the death. It’s over.

Baseball wants to be rid of McCourt and they’re doing it in a legal, slick and smart fashion by miring him in court proceedings, exhausting both his resources and resolve until they run dry and are hoping he’ll go away because he has no other choice.

If McCourt sues, it’ll be still another obstacle to his divorce settlement with wife Jamie that was contingent on the Fox deal; it will exponentially increase the astronomical legal bills on top of what he’s already accumulated.

It’s a war of attrition that McCourt can’t win because he’s running out of options, time and money.

Baseball wants McCourt out as Dodgers owner.

And they’re going to get what they want. Soon.


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