Acme Baseball Team Building

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In the months preceding the opening of the film Moneyball, it’s grown satirical that the entire Billy Beane myth is coming crashing down in a puff of smoke like a failed Wile E. Coyote scheme.

Beane’s flying over the cliff.

Baseball Team Building is another failed product from Acme.

Counting the days (hours, minutes, seconds) until Moneyball—THE MOVIE—comes out, I’ll intermittently point out the factual inconsistencies (objectively and analytically) in comparison to the rest of baseball.

The non-genius breed of human must be wondering why it is Beane gets the lowest grade dropped again and again like some irritating teacher’s pet.

Those with something invested in the Moneyball theory being seen as accurate have an excuse, but where’s the supposed aboveboard, non-partisan media to point out the the inherent falsehoods in relation to reality?

Apart from apologetic and fearful criticisms, few are willing to take a stand against the nonsensical appellation of genius based on absolutely nothing other than that book and that so many have so much invested in Beane being “right”.

The Athletics are terrible.

They’re in a bad division and are mired in last place, 9 games below .500.

They can’t hit.

They can’t field.

The Brian Fuentes nightmare is proving the fallacy of the concept of “anyone” being able to close. No responsibility was doled on manager Bob Geren for his faults. Beane allocated  blame on everyone but himself and his former manager when dismissing him in what appeared to be an attempt to validate the idiotic concept that the manager is irrelevant. He blamed his most ardent benefactor—the media—because of the hovering speculation about Geren’s job distracting the team.

Don’t tell me that they’re only 6 games out of first place; that’s nothing more than a pretentious bit of self-validation from those who picked them as a playoff team.

Did it ever occur to anyone that maybe the team he constructed isn’t very good?

Blame the spacious home ballpark? The offense is worse on the road than it is at home.

Discover the undervalued aspect of defense? They’re leading the American League in errors.

Beef up the bullpen? Fuentes has been a disaster.

Change the manager? Beane’s right in one respect—the manager makes little difference with this team.

Injuries? I didn’t see anyone giving former Mets GM Omar Minaya a pass when the entire team—a team that was picked to win the World Series in 2009—was on the disabled list.

Could it be because there are so many invested in Beane being a genius and the likes of Minaya—who relied on scouting at the expense of sabermetrics—were propped as everything that was “wrong” with baseball?

Now we’re getting, “Billy has outgrown the constraints of functioning in Oakland”.

Really? What makes you think he’s going to be any better than mediocre if he goes to another venue with a more active fan base and a bigger payroll?

It’s enough.

The number of excuses applicable for Beane are running out. Eventually the “he’s a genius in a bad situation” doesn’t fit into the parameters of brilliance. Factional twisting and preposterous defenses of the man himself does not qualify as analysis—it’s selfish agenda-driven pablum.

When does he receive his share of the blame without a litany of alibis?

I’m waiting.



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