Rocky III

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Ubaldo Jimenez is pitching better after an injury-hindered start.

Aaron Cook has been notoriously unlucky on balls in play and hit trajectory.

Jhoulys Chacin has star potential.

The offense is solid; the bullpen deep; Jim Tracy is a top manager; GM Dan O’Dowd is aggressive in improving the club; and their penchant for late season hot streaks has happened too often to discount as a fluke.

Because they’re struggling with inconsistency and injuries and are plodding along at 38-40, it’s easy to forget the Rockies.

The Giants have fantastic pitching and are battle-hardened after their World Series win in 2010 and the Diamondbacks have played so surprisingly well, they’re receiving deserved attention.

But that doesn’t hide their flaws and the overall strengths and expected production of the Rockies.

The Giants need a bat. Desperately. Their bullpen, specifically Brian Wilson, is overworked; the starting rotation is functioning without any run support and they went deeply into the playoffs last season and Wilson and the rotation are running the risk of cumulative exhaustion both mentally and physically.

They’re going to fade.

The Diamondbacks can score and their starting pitching has gone above-and-beyond the call of duty; but their bullpen is a major issue and I do not trust J.J. Putz.

The Rockies have the goods in every area to vault over both teams. Once Troy Tulowitzki goes into one of his unconscious hot streaks and the pitchers are 100% healthy and have better luck, the Rockies are going to take off in another second half blaze.

The Rockies are the team to beat in the NL West.


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