Precision Strikes 7.1.2011

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Unless something major happens, I’ll tone down my Billy Beane/Moneyball rhetoric and save it all up for my book.

But I’ll say this as Beane undertakes yet another teardown of what he built (Mark Ellis is the first to go): without Moneyball, Beane would’ve been fired by now; without Moneyball, he’d be treated in a similar fashion as GMs present and past like Omar Minaya, Dayton Moore and Jim Bowden; without Moneyball propping him up as a demagogue, he’d be judged for what he is.

And what that is has yet to be determined in full—although I have a pretty good idea—but he’s certainly no genius.

Scott Kazmir works out for the Rangers.

I don’t get the impression that Kazmir is all that bothered about how badly his career and stuff has degenerated; that he’s okay with what he is; if he doesn’t find a new team, whatever.

A lack of competitiveness concerns me as much as the injuries and decline.

The Rangers worked him out and sounded non-commital.

Maybe Brandon Webb needs a rehab friend and they thought of Kazmir.

Designated targets of the Mets.

Every poor outing from Mike Pelfrey and Bobby Parnell inspires a new round of “get rid of ’em” from Mets fans.

Okay. But don’t say you weren’t warned.

Pelfrey’s not great but such idiocies from the likes of the clueless Evan Roberts and Joe Beningo on WFAN are indicative of non-existent and self-proclaimed expertise. Roberts said something to the tune of Pelfrey, with his 94-mph fastball, has to strike out more batters, blah blah blah.

Yeah. That’s a good idea. Try to throw the ball by big league hitters. Know what’ll happen? He’ll strike out fewer hitters and give up more homers.

He’s not a strikeout pitcher so it makes no sense for him to try and be one.

Pelfrey’s big and durable and on a good team he’ll win 12-16 games and provide 210-220 innings. He’s no ace, but that’s solid, inexpensive production.

As for Parnell, his numbers and Mets performances are eerily similar to another pitcher who Mets fans wanted out of their sight while he was a Met and now complain ad nauseam because the Mets traded him—Heath Bell.

So you’d like to trade Pelfrey and Parnell? Fine. Just don’t scream and whine about it after they’re gone and become contributors elsewhere.



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