Viewer Mail 7.1.2011

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Jeff at Red State Blue State writes RE Logan Morrison, Jack McKeon, the Twitter, Jim Leyland and Don Kelly:

The feeling I get is that baseball folks still want to keep the behind-the-scenes stuff very secret. From Trader Jack’s viewpoint, it makes sense… I wouldn’t like it if people were doing things I didn’t understand too.


I tuned in right as Kelly was warming up and I thought, “gee, maybe I’ve had one too many beers tonight cuz that looks like Don Kelly on the mound.”

Turns out Leyland probably had me by a beer or three.

R.A. Dickey expresses himself about team issues in an eloquent and non-team-threatening way and no one has a problem with it, but he’s a veteran leader in the clubhouse. Morrison is forgetting that he’s still essentially a rookie. They’re telling him to shut up, so….shut….up!!!!

Leyland was probably craving a cigarette. That’s the only thing I can think of.

Jason C at 98 on the Black writes RE the Dodgers and Dan Evans:

I was always surprised Dan Evans never got a shot to be a GM again. The fatal flaw of his Dodger teams was that the lineup was AWFUL. In the middle of the steroid era he failed to build even an average Major League offense.

He did get calls for interviews after he left the Dodgers and Mariners, but he’d moved onto the agent side of things. He sounded interested in another GM job at first, but his new calling appears to be making him happy. I can’t fault him for staying with a less-stressful, more secure and enjoyable vocation.

The Dodgers offense in 2002 was middle of the pack—7th in runs scored; in 2003, they were functioning with Alex Cora and Cesar Izturis in the everyday lineup which is never a boon to scoring runs. The biggest culprit to the decline was Shawn Green. Green hit 42 homers in 2002 and dropped to 19 in 2003; his power dive was….*suspicious*.

We’d have to check and see what was available between 2001 and 2003 before coming to a final conclusion on Evans’s handling of the offense.


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