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The All Star Game is meaningless.

It’s a moneymaker and gets the fans involved.

The winning league gets home field advantage in the World Series. That’s one extra game. Given the lack of importance home field plays in baseball, the game “mattering” isn’t even an issue.

The Home Run Derby with the new wrinkle of “captains” David Ortiz and Prince Fielder picking their teammates hearkens back to the days (daze) of the schoolyard.

It’s boring. It’s tiresome. Therefore there’s nothing to argue about, fight about or complain about for snubs and votes for players that are “undeserving”. People want to see Derek Jeter, they voted for Derek Jeter.

If you’d like to make it a game, make it a legitimate game. Here are the All Star starters as they should be:

American League: C-Alex Avila-Tigers; 1B-Adrian Gonzalez-Red Sox; 2B-Robinson Cano-Yankees; 3B-Alex Rodriguez=Yankees; SS-Asdrubal Cabrera-Indians; LF-Alex Gordon-Royals; CF-Curtis Granderson-Yankees; RF-Jose Bautista-Blue Jays; SP-Justin Verlander-Tigers.

National League: C-Brian McCann-Braves; 1B-Prince Fielder-Brewers; 2B-Rickie Weeks-Brewers; 3B-Aramis Ramirez-Cubs; SS-Jose Reyes-Mets; LF-Ryan Braun-Brewers; CF-Matt Kemp-Dodgers; RF-Justin Upton-Diamonbacks; SP-Roy Halladay-Phillies.

The other pitchers and reserves should be picked strategically rather than based on pure numbers. You need a lefty bat off the bench who can hit the ball out of the park and perhaps walk? Pick Jason Giambi. Need a righty set-up man to strike someone out? Pick David Robertson.

Have the managers execute strategy and toss the “every team must be represented” stuff into the trash. Keep the starters in the game and play to win.

Or have what we have now.

It’s either-or.

Have it be a show or have it be a game. But if they made it into a game, there wouldn’t be the attention paid to the gimmicks like Home Run Derby and the fans voting in the first place.

It’s not worth the effort to fix. It simply is.

Leave it be.


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