Precision Strikes 7.5.2011

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The Marine backhand.

Since Joel Sherman of the NY Post has speculated on every possible configuration of the end of the Jose Reyes drama, he’s got a better chance than he usually does of being right.

Keep in mind this is the same guy who had Cliff Lee with the Yankees a year ago, ripped the Yankees after-the-fact for letting Lance Berkman go, and plagiarized me.

But his latest on Reyes is that the Mets are unlikely to trade him and they’re going to make a big offer.

Yes. Well. We’ll see.

The best part of all this is Mets GM Sandy Alderson’s response to the Shermanizing with this from MLBTradeRumors:

Mets GM Sandy Alderson told’s Anthony DiComo that yesterday’s New York Post report about Jose Reyes was “one man’s opinion.”

Sounds to me like Alderson was saying Sherman was again talking out of his posterior; or Billy Beane‘s posterior; or from whomever’s posterior Sherman has taken up residence in the moment.

I’m really starting to like Sandy Alderson.

Albert Pujols coming back quickly is a bad thing?

A player like Carl Pavano spends a year on the disabled list with a bruised buttocks among a host of other ludicrous injuries and he’s the “butt” of incessant (and mostly funny) jokes.

Albert Pujols returns from a fractured wrist a month ahead of schedule and he’s accused of being a PED case.

I didn’t realize armchair experts had added medical degrees to their resumes.

We have no idea how Pujols heals as quickly as he does. It could be by means of chicanery or he could just be a quick healer. He’s always been durable and played through aches and pains that would’ve benched a vast number of other players for an extended period of time.

To say it’s “obvious” he’s up to no good without evidence other than whatever pops into someone’s head is irresponsible and foolish.

Just like your regular run-of-the-mill armchair expert.



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