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Double super-secret negotiations.

Some dubious reporting has the Mets and Jose Reyes engaging in “secret” negotiations on a contract extension.

Are these “double-super secret” negotiations to dovetail with the “double-super secret” probation the Mets front office is on (Animal House-style) with MLB and Commissioner (Dean) Bud Selig?*

*This is in no way connected to the expulsion proceedings currently going on to toss Dodgers owner Frank McCourt from the MLB Universe.

The silliness of this story is obvious to any objective viewer. The most prominent outlet reporting this is the New York Post.

Not exactly the paragon of journalistic integrity, the Post is owned by Rupert Murdoch who’s currently having his own issues with scandal and fallout for journalistic malfeasance. They’re not interested in, y’know, truth!!

This story is nonsense. The Mets aren’t entering into secret negotiations with Reyes; Reyes isn’t entering into secret negotiations with them.

It’s the Post.


Suzyn’s long, cool drink of Kool-Aid.

Speaking of an absence of journalistic integrity, Yankees radio “analyst” Suzyn Waldman really buys into the company line.

During the pre-game show last night, she said something to the tune of “Derek Jeter was scheduled to have tonight off because he needed the rest after his stint on the disabled list.”

Of course.

Naturally being 3 hits away from 3000 and the desire to have him achieve the feat at home had nothing to do with the plan for him to rest.

No. Not at all.

Either way, he played in last night’s game and the Yankees are back home for a four game series with the Rays. Presumably, he’ll reach the milestone this weekend.

At least he’d better or Hank Steinbrenner’s going to give him a moderate kneecapping that’ll keep him out of the lineup for the upcoming road trip to Toronto and Tampa.

Suzyn’s investigation into the incident would yield no wrongdoing in the accidental kneecapping.

“It wasn’t planned”.

Michael Kay’s avocado.

Much like the now ubiquitous commercials for Subway in which they’re talking about having avocados as if they were discovered on some mysterious mountaintop in Tibet, Michael Kay is a rare and priceless treasure.

Discussing the late Yankees owner George Steinbrenner and his attempts to buy the Cleveland Indians in the early 1970s, Kay said Steinbrenner wound up buying the Yankees in 1974.

Um. No.

The noted baseball expert, Mr. Yankee Broadcaster, longtime spokesman and fan and supposed baseball expert Michael Kay didn’t even know when George Steinbrenner purchased the Yankees.

It was 1973.

Kay should know that. Period.

The man’s a buffoon. Ignorant and clownish. This isn’t a mistake. It’s plain stupidity and it’s an embarrassment that he’s the “voice” of the Yankees and perceived as such worldwide.


One thought on “Kool-Aid And Other Unhealthy Products/Activities

  1. Johnny Sterling is the voice of the Yankees. Let’s not forget Michael Kay was just his Suzyn Waldman in the 90s.

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