Teams Are Asking About Jimenez And Getting An Answer

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After the Rockies’ request for the Yankees entire farm system, it’s highly likely that Randy Levine needed an adult diaper; Hank Steinbrenner smoked an entire pack of cigarettes at once; and Hal Steinbrenner’s hair moved.

Ubaldo Jimenez isn’t necessarily “available” as Carlos Beltran is “available”, but you can get Jimenez if you ante up the prospects; and judging by the Rockies reported asking price from the Yankees, Jimenez is going to be highly expensive and a team would be stupid to give in immediately to those demands.

In case you missed it, Rockies GM Dan O’Dowd asked for: Jesus Montero, Dellin Betances, Manny Banuelos and Ivan Nova.

One would assume that O’Dowd set this bar as a starting point for negotiations and is aware that his Yankees counterpart Brian Cashman isn’t going to surrender his whole minor league system for Jimenez.

Jimenez is very good, but has struggled this year. I tend to think that his bad start and subsequent inconsistent results are directly correlated to the cut on his thumb that led to him beginning the season on the disabled list.

There’s a lot to like about Jimenez. He’s durable, gutty and very good; he’s signed through 2014 at a super cheap rate. You’re not going to get a pitcher of his caliber—who’s signed—when he’s pitching well and his team is in contention. The Rockies aren’t exactly in contention for a normal team, but with their history of ridiculous hot streaks to close out seasons, they’re well within striking distance to make a run.

Obviously O’Dowd knows he’s not getting that bounty for Jimenez—if the Yankees submitted that kind of offer, it would get Felix Hernandez from the Mariners. That demand is so insane that after the season, if the Yankees put that package on the table for Tim Lincecum, the Giants would be foolish not to listen.

So that’s not happening.

But the logic of suggesting teams ask about Jimenez (as I did as far back as last December on my old Blogspot site) is the same on both ends. If teams ask about a player who could be considered untouchable, his team has a right to ask for the world to get him. Montero, Betances, Banuelos and Nova would give the Rockies three cheap starting pitchers, two of whom have All Star potential and would be in better developmental hands with the Rockies than they currently are with the Yankees.

Forget it.

But it’s a starting point.

To tie the Jimenez trade talks into current events, when News Corp. made a bid for the Wall Street Journal, the Bancroft family’s decision to simply listen to the offer made the paper available…for the right price.

Eventually it was sold.

Jimenez is available…for the right price.

Eventually he’ll be traded.

But unless O’Dowd comes off of that ludicrous request from the Yankees or some other team acquiesces to his extraction of every single one of their top prospects, Jimenez is going nowhere mid-season.

In fact, I doubt he’s getting traded now. But like the Wall Street Journal, he’s available and will be dealt.

Just not now.


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