The Carlos Beltran Trade Wheel

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It’s not “if” Carlos Beltran gets traded, it’s “when”.

The Mets have no choice and the suggestion that the Mets will trade Beltran and go after him again as a free agent is a nice story and a teaser for angry fans who might still think the team has a chance at contention this year in a “we’re making ourselves better now and in the future” sort of way, but it’s not going to happen.

Think logically: the Mets have to at least make an attempt to re-sign Jose Reyes. They’re short on cash as it is. Beltran’s demands will be far too high for the Mets to even approach.

Nor should they.

For Beltran and the Mets, it’s time to move on and agent Scott Boras is going to squeeze every single penny out of his player’s great and unexpected comeback year after two seasons sabotaged by injury.

There’s been the idea floated that Beltran might want a contract extension with his new club.

That’s not happening either. Boras is not going to surrender the opportunity to squeeze a Jayson Werth contract out of someone. And don’t put it past him. It’s a circle. He got it for Werth, why not for Beltran?

Beltran is also rumored to prefer staying in the National League so he’s familiar with the pitchers; it’s doubtful he wants to DH and he’s stayed healthy and played right field this whole season.

That’s quite possible. While the Mets might be offered the best deal by an American League club—specifically the Rangers, Tigers or Angels—Beltran’s no-trade clause and desires can’t be ignored. I think he stays in the National League.

One question that has to be answered is whether Beltran can play center field. If he can, it would only boost his value now and after the season. He hasn’t played the position at all, but for 2 months, plus playoffs, why not?

The stories of suitors in the National League have centered around the Braves, Phillies, Brewers and Giants. There are pluses and minus for all.

The Braves and Phillies might be asked for more in a trade because they’re in the same division as the Mets, but that would be an excuse to ask for more rather than a threat to the Mets since the Mets aren’t contenders and Beltran’s a free agent at the end of the year.

The Brewers are limited in the prospects they can offer, but there’s a fit.

And the Giants appear reluctant to give the Mets to the top prospects Sandy Alderson is said to be asking for.

Gazing into my crystal baseball, I would say the Tigers are going to offer the most for Beltran, but he’s more likely to stay in the National League.

If I had to place a bet, I’d say he’s going to the Braves.

I was never a good gambler, but this type of speculation? Betting against me is unwise.


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