Since Rafael Soriano Has Worked So Well, Why Not Mess In Again?

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Well the Yankees supposed interest in Wandy Rodriguez has been explained.

According to Ken Rosenthal, the Yankees attempt to acquire Rodriguez wasn’t coming from GM Brian Cashman, but was a “push driven by ownership”.

You can read the full Rosenthal posting here.

There may be a perception that I don’t believe any rumors that are framed to come from anonymous sources, but that’s not the case; I don’t believe the stories that are patently idiotic in the logical and practical sense.

There’s a difference.

Given Cashman’s reluctance to spend money on players he doesn’t feel are worth it (Rafael Soriano and Wandy Rodriguez qualify), Rosenthal’s story sounds eerily accurate when put in terms of what the GM’s tried to build and the way ownership and Randy Levine have interfered with that.

Cashman was right about Soriano and he probably wanted no part of Rodriguez, financially or otherwise.

Do they want Cashman to get fed up and leave? Are they that arrogant to think he won’t?

We’ll find out if another foolish maneuver occurs in August. If it does, it could be the final boot out the door for an important Yankees free agent—Brian Cashman.

And I’d prefer to have Cashman than Soriano and Rodriguez.


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