Yankees, Red Sox Deadline Moves/Non-Moves Inspire Yawns And Shrugs

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The Red Sox and Yankees both needed pitching and the rumor fires are always stoked when both are searching for the same things, but all the talk of “big deals” turned out to be much ado about very little.

The Red Sox acquired Erik Bedard from the Mariners in a 3-team deal with the Mariners and Dodgers and Bedard’s personality and health are more an issue than anything else. If he’s healthy, he’s good—but he’s rarely healthy for an extended period of time. He’s not adept at dealing with the media either. Despite the short-term nature of his guaranteed time with the Red Sox—2 months+playoffs—odds are he’s going to alienate someone in the Boston media or get hurt. He’s never been on a contending team before, so perhaps the Red Sox are getting a good pitcher on the cheap.

The Red Sox had a trade in place for the Athletics’ Rich Harden but Harden failed the physical.

No kidding.

The Yankees were chasing all sorts of windmills. They explored Ubaldo Jimenez and I’m quite sure they repeatedly called the Mariners to see if they’d changed their minds on Felix Hernandez. I’m getting the impression that there’s a daily phone call from Brian Cashman to Jack Zduriencik that’s short in duration and predictable in content.

Cashman: “Hey Jack, Felix available?”

Zduriencik: “Hey Brian. No.”

Cashman: “Okay, talk tomorrow.”

Who knows? Maybe eventually, like the worn down prom queen who doesn’t want to date the school geek, the answer will be yes.

I didn’t get what the Yankees were planning in inquiring about Denard Span; nor do I understand the thought process behind Wandy Rodriguez. Presumably Span would be a part of the DH/OF mix to replace Jorge Posada‘s dying bat.

I’ve always liked Rodriguez, but he was a question mark before getting to his financial price-tag. The Yankees apparently offered to pick up $21 million of his $38 million contract, but that’s not what would give me pause (the Yankees can afford it); what I’d wonder about is how Rodriguez would fare in the American League East with a range-limited left side of the infield of Alex Rodriguez (when he gets back he’ll probably be even slower) and Derek Jeter. And putting him in Fenway with the Red Sox bats and the Green Monster?

He’ll undoubtedly get through waivers in August, so the Yankees can revisit that if they choose, but I’d consider it carefully before pulling the trigger.


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