Waiving Arthur Rhodes Is A Mistake For The Rangers

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I trust my veterans in the big games more than I trust younger pitchers and I certainly don’t want to help my competition for the post-season.

With that in mind, it’s a mistake for the Rangers to designate Arthur Rhodes for assignment because if he gets through waivers (he might; he might not) he’s going to end up pitching for a team that the Rangers face in the playoffs/World Series.

Rhodes has a contract kicker in which his 2012 option vests if he appears in 62 games and isn’t on the disabled list at the end of the season. He’s pitched in 32 games this year.

Any contender could use another lefty. The Cardinals, Phillies and Giants have reason to be interested in Rhodes from the National League; the Yankees, Red Sox and Tigers from the American League.

Rhodes hasn’t pitched that well this year, but he’s been good against lefties and another team will pick him up; perhaps the Rangers are going to use Matt Harrison or Derek Holland in the bullpen or figure they’ll be able to get a Tim Byrdak-type (a solid bet); plus aside from Josh Hamilton, they’re righty-heavy in their lineup.

Even with that, I probably wouldn’t have dropped Rhodes. He’s an old-school veteran whose career has been rejuvenated more times than Mickey Rourke’s; he won’t be spooked by the playoffs and everyone can use an extra lefty.

I understand why the Rangers did it, but it might come back to haunt them at a time in which they least need to be haunted.


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