Bring This Brat To The Big Leagues

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Yes. I’m being sarcastic.

Here’s the latest in immaturity and self-importance from Nationals prospect Bryce Harper.

There are two ways to look at this and decide what to do with Harper:

1) Bring him to the big leagues before he’s emotionally ready (whenever that may be) and let the issues work themselves out as the veterans, umpires and opponents put him in his place; or 2) keep him in the minors until he learns to behave appropriately (whenever that may be).

I’d leave him in the minors until he got the message because ostracism and tough-love under the big league microscope would do more harm than good, but he’s gotten away with pretty much everything under the Nats method of development, so why would anyone believe there will be any change in the program now?


3 thoughts on “Bring This Brat To The Big Leagues

  1. ANY other minor leaguer, from GCL to AAA, gets ejected and nobody ever hears about it.

    Bryce Harper gets ejected and you and every other baseball “pundit” with a website has to chime in.

    How is that fair to Harper?

    1. Such is the price of being a would-be superstar who’s been anointed since he was 15.
      Part of his development is being able to handle the scrutiny that’s going to surround him when he gets to the big leagues; this isn’t an isolated incident of immaturity on the part of Harper. Better he’s called out on it now and it’s corrected rather than when he gets to the majors and struggles because of it.
      He’ll have a target on his back as it is.

      1. Of course its not an “isolated incident of immaturity” on his part. He’s 18. And every day he’s got to deal with a bunch of similarly (but older) immature players in the low minors purposely trying to get his goat.

        Again, how is this fair to Harper? You never hear about the guys who started the fight, but if he so much as reacts (the whole kiss incident) suddenly “Harper has make up issues” and “harper is too immature.”

        Until you do posts about other 18yr olds who get ejections in low minors games and react to near constant provocations, the you’re just picking on a guy who probably is doing things no differently than anyone else in his situation.

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