C.J. Wilson As Mouthy Smurf

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Judging from this, Rangers pitcher C.J. Wilson doesn’t like Oakland.

That dislike includes the team, the fans, the mound and presumably everything else.

I wouldn’t classify this as a John Rocker rant about New York, but it’s in the proverbial ballpark.

So it’s safe to say that Wilson won’t be considered by or considering the Athletics as a destination this winter as he enters free agency. The A’s won’t be able to afford him and something tells me he’s not interested in pitching for them.

The only way this would change is if Wilson sees the upcoming film Moneyball, gets caught up in the fantasmically geniusy geniusness of the genius Billy Beane and chooses to join the Athletics based on the story.

The A’s only hope in this regard is that Wilson sees Moneyball after The Smurfs and shuns his choice to be Mouthy Smurf—passing over a better mound, surroundings and Smurfette.

The two films are about as realistic as the other with The Smurfs slightly ahead. That means there’s a chance. It’s unlikely, but is also in the proverbial ballpark.

La la lalalala lalalalaLA!!!!!


3 thoughts on “C.J. Wilson As Mouthy Smurf

  1. Hey Paul:
    Just wondering what your take is on the Blue Jays sign stealing controversy…as a Blue Jays and Paul Lebowitz fan, I look forward to your response.

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