Blue Jays “Sign Stealing”—Dealing With It

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I have no idea whether the complaints about a “mysterious man in white” aiding the Blue Jays hitters by relaying signs to them is accurate. You can read about the allegations here on Yahoo Sports.

It sounds stupid, but this is baseball and something being stupid doesn’t mean it’s not true.

One, a hitter knowing which pitch is coming may or may not be a help, but this isn’t football or basketball where you can set a play based on such information; the batter still has to hit the ball and it’s not as easy as knowing what’s coming, therefore hitting it hard someplace.

Two, if this was suspected here’s a remedy: change the signs.

And I don’t mean change the signs as if there’s a runner on second base and going through a variety of different indicators, movements and alterations.

I mean do the following: watch this “mystery man” in center field and if he’s giving the signs to a hitter, call for a curveball with the customary signs of 1 is fastball, 2 is curve; intentionally throw the curve in the dirt so it’s something that not even Jeff Francoeur would swing at. On the next pitch, change the signs without a mound conference so nothing is perceived to be amiss; make it so that 1 is a curve and 2 is a fastball; have the catcher put down 2 fingers and then drill the hitter square in the back with the hardest fastball the pitcher can throw.

In this respect, it certainly helps if a Justin Verlander is pitching.

After that, I guarantee you, it would stop.

As for the statistical facts, the Blue Jays hitting is slightly better at home, but the pitching is worse at home by around the same percentages as the hitting is better!

That tells me it’s probably the ballpark and that there are likely a myriad of other factors apart from the “mysterious man in white”.

Oh, and stop whining. Sign stealing and doing whatever you can get away with are part of the game and always has been. The Blue Jays are a .500 team. If you can’t beat them, then the odds are the problem is your team not being any good rather than none-too-clever chicanery.


2 thoughts on “Blue Jays “Sign Stealing”—Dealing With It

  1. These are just like the allegations that José Bautista is on steroids. If you have proof, bring it. I don’t think that’s the case in either situation, but players and fans alike look north of the border and complain if that team’s doing well.

    1. Whether it’s true or not, I provided a perfect Rx to handle it. Once a player is torched with misinformation of that kind, he’s never going to trust the informer again. And if he gets popped by a fastball because of it? It would stop. For the record, I’m not buying it either.
      With the Bautista PED allegations, who really knows?

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