Tigers Acquire Delmon Young

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This is a “why not?” move.

The Tigers traded a low-level lefty named Cole Nelson and a player to be named later to the Twins for outfielder Delmon Young.

You can make the argument that if, as the MLB Trade Rumors link suggests, the acquisition of Young means that Magglio Ordonez will lose his starting job, the Tigers might’ve been better off simply benching Ordonez and playing Andy Dirks rather than acquiring Young.

Young hasn’t been much better this season than Ordonez.

But he’s a veteran bat who was very good last season and could benefit from joining a team that’s in a pennant race.

Nelson is big (6’7″, 233), but doesn’t strike anyone out and walks a few too many hitters for a contact pitcher; but he doesn’t allow many homers and seems to be a Twins-type of pitcher who’ll take advantage of his defense. He’s 22 and still in High-A ball, so he won’t be a big league candidate for awhile, if at all. It’s a sad but true state of affairs that this was about all they were going to get for Young, who was a non-tender candidate this winter.

After losing 11 of 13, the Twins appear to have accepted that they’re not going anywhere this year—a realization that’s never guaranteed with them. They’re lucky that the trades that were being discussed at the deadline—the most bizarre of which would’ve sent Denard Span to the Nationals for Drew Storen—didn’t go through.

Manager Jim Leyland likely would’ve bristled at the concept of benching the veteran Ordonez and replacing him with Dirks even if Dirks is a better option than both Ordonez and Young, but they got Young for nothing.

So why not?



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