Pedro Beato Prefers To Remain In The Bullpen—Yeah? So?

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Here’s a loose but accurate translation of the back-and-forth between Mets reliever Pedro Beato and the club as to his future role.

In case you missed it, manager Terry Collins wants Beato to stretch himself out in winter ball in anticipation of possibly being in the starting rotation next season. Beato prefers to remain in the bullpen and said so—diplomatically—with the following from the linked piece:

“I’m more comfortable where I am right now,” Beato said. “Starting wasn’t a highlight of my career. At all. I actually improved a lot more during the times that I’ve been in the bullpen these last two years. That’s where I see myself at, and that’s where I want to be at.”

What this means is that if Beato were a veteran pitcher or was armed with a long-term contract the likes of which the organization might have to listen and consider his desires, he’d say, “I don’t wanna start; I’m not gonna start; and if the team doesn’t like it, they can get me outta here.”

But he’s not a veteran pitcher; nor does he have a long-term contract. As a Rule 5 pick who’s lucky to be in the majors now, he has to deftly express his feelings without making the club angry.

Beato has starter stuff. That doesn’t mean he’ll be good as a starter, but the team should see if he can start; the best place to do that is in the winter and 2012 spring training.

The team response to Beato should be: “While we understand Pedro’s feelings, we need to do what’s best for the organization and deploy our players to the best of their abilities even if that is diametrically opposed to their preferred roles. We want to see if he can start for us.”

Translation? “You’re starting in winter ball, rookie. So shut up.”


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