Blaming Peter Angelos For Mike Flanagan’s Suicide Is Despicable

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Former Orioles star pitcher, Cy Young Award winner, executive and broadcaster Mike Flanagan committed suicide yesterday.

One reason being presented for the act is that he was despondent over the state of the club for which he dedicated most of his professional life, the Baltimore Orioles. The TV station that reported this somewhat unbelievable line of reasoning—WBAL-TV—is backtracking while “supporting” the reporter, Gerry Sandusky.

There was no note and police are saying it was “financial difficulties” that led to this. The police had interviewed Flanagan’s widow to come to this conclusion.

Who did Sandusky speak to?

Multiple unnamed sources.

If Mike Flanagan’s personal problems caused his suicide—whether they were real or imagined—and it turns into an indictment of the baseball ownership of Peter Angelos or stuff the media and nameless, faceless people are saying about Flanagan’s work in the Orioles’ front office, then it’s a despicable attempt to pin a sad event on a reviled owner.

Saying that Angelos’s stewardship of the Orioles led to this is akin to saying that Gabe Paul’s death in 1998—at age 88—was caused by the stress of working for George Steinbrenner.

In other words there’s no direct connection between the two and making one with speculation and rumor is not only ludicrous, but it’s vile.

Angelos is the owner of a baseball team; his team has been poorly run and dysfunctional for the past 15 years. Flanagan worked for them for much of that time. Equating one with the other by implying friends said that was the reason is idiotic.

Those overreacting to the prospect of Flanagan having killed himself because of a perception that he ruined the Orioles clearly don’t understand what small things can go through a suicidal, depressed, mentally ill person to drive them over the edge. It could’ve been anything. He should’ve asked for help and if the philanthropically minded Angelos knew that things were heading to this point with Flanagan, he absolutely would’ve helped him.

But partisan voices are trying to sully Angelos because he’s run a baseball team badly. This selfish storytelling is making a terrible situation worse and it has to stop. Now.


4 thoughts on “Blaming Peter Angelos For Mike Flanagan’s Suicide Is Despicable

  1. I totally agree–This is just wrong–He probably did feel like he was too much cause for the Orioles bad times-Most people just dont see the strees it takes to play this game-many players throughout Baseball history have done this-I surely dont think its right but It happens-Flannagan is to blame for his actions and no-one else is-simple as that
    Im very very sorry for his family and friends
    He did help alot of people

  2. Right now, everyone is having a hard time with this sad and tragic event. Mike was a great baseball player, family man and a friend to all that had the pleasure of shaking his hand. He was always there for everyone that needed him and Mike needs us now. If we can’t say something good about this man now then don’t say anything at all.
    May Mike Rest in Peace and may the good lord always hold him in the palm of his hand and comfort him.

  3. Okay, you admit it is due to financial shortfalls as being the reason. So you only believe what you hear from officials but, why don’t you consider trying to look deeper before you disbelieve Angelos has no bearing on Flanny’s life? Ask yourself these questions based on facts known:
    1) Why did Flanny’s wife not invite any Orioles officials to Flanny’s memorial service in NH? Is that normal when Flanny was a big part of O’s organization and history?
    2) Who was Flanny’s employer? Is it common knowledge that one’s employer is also ones substantial source of income, thereby holding great influance or bearing over one’s financial matters?
    3) Are you ignorant or dumb by ignoring point 2 above?
    4) Prior police reports and statements from Flanny’s wife and neighbors all have suggested Flanny has been depressed about losing his GM job and not being able to help the O’s. When Flanny was GM he couldn’t even use the ultimate position because PA thwarted his ability to do so then let him go as to be his fault, which also publicly humiliated Flanny as well. PA has no bearing on Flanny’s depression you state? Are you dumb?
    5) Before his death, all Flanny had was his MASN commentary where he made $2,500 per game but, only got paid that when he did a game. That’s not bad if he did all 162 games, but he wasn’t permitted to do all 162 games or even a 100 of them for that matter. Besides it is a known fact that Flanny wanted to do so much more for the O’s organization and he was largely depressed that PA spoiled that opportunity as well as humiliated him.
    6) Why did PA refuse Cal Ripken’s desire to help instill the oriole way in the players? PA’s reasoning was that he didn’t want Cal or anybody receiving credit for improving the team and he desired to do it on his own…problem is, PA does not know how make a successful team and The O’s community is starving to recapture the Oriole Way. Flanny supported engaging O’s player expertise of the past to help the current team. Aside from Flanny failing as GM, only because PA didn’t let him do things he wanted to do, Flanny continued efforts to try and help this team from other angles only to constantly get thwarted or halted by PA.

    These are facts from key insiders and Flanny’s close friends who have spoken out and you choose to ignore these key pieces of truth. Flanny committed the ultimate selfish act and even if PA, standing there buck naked with is balls rubbing on Flanny’s face as he looks down on him like a peon from his high horse, is never a reason to do what Flanny did but, some humans like Flanny are fragile and too beautiful for this world. Some humans like Flanny deserve better and PA was a main obsticle in Flanny to achieve his dreams and live a dream. PA was indeed a factor of Flanny’s state of mind. The anti-depression drugs are the main cause, but PA absoultely was a factor because PA doesn’t have to be such a stubborn selfish prick to poeple who only want to do good for the O’s and this community.

    Tell me, if you think PA is such a saint, then why does PA continuously deny efforts from people like Flanny and Cal who only wish to help any way they can to make the O’s better? There is no viable reason for that kind of behavior from a club owner. PA does not view his ownership as a position of stewardship to the Baltimore community. PA only views his ownership as a business and what he can gain. PA is blinded of the truth and how to actually succeed as an owner. PA ignores the beauty of the O’s past and has no compassion to regain the Oriole Way that existed before he became owner…and I’m not talking about just winning.

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