Cervelli’s Lucky It Was Lackey

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If Francisco Cervelli had been hitting against Don Drysdale, there’s a pretty good chance he’d be in the hospital now after getting hit in the head.

Because of Cervelli’s enthusiasm following his homer off of John Lackey in the Yankees 5-2 win over the Red Sox last night, he was rewarded with a fastball in the back—a pitch he took exception to.

And he shouldn’t have taken exception to it; he should’ve expected it.

Maybe Cervelli was watching the Little League World Series and somehow thought it was okay, in celebrating his 2nd home run of the year, to clap his hands so happily when he touched home plate.

But it’s not okay and Lackey was right to be angry and to retaliate.

You do that and you’re going to get popped. And you deserve it.

You can see the video below. (Naturally, it’s from someone having taped it from their TV and posted on YouTube.)

The Yankees defended their teammate; CC Sabathia was the most vocal in yelling at Lackey, but privately they knew it was coming; privately they knew it was appropriate.

Cervelli’s lucky it’s a different era from the 1960s when Drysdale stalked the mound with his massive 6’6″ frame and intimidating glower; or that it wasn’t Roger Clemens, Pedro Martinez or Randy Johnson on the mound last night. Then the message would’ve been made much, much clearer with the long lasting mark on his body to prove it.



6 thoughts on “Cervelli’s Lucky It Was Lackey

  1. Prince, come on. He clapped his hands. Once. He was excited, and I don’t think he meant anything by it. It was a big hit! Of course Lackey was angry; he gave up a green monster-clearing HR to the lowly BUC. Then again, Lackey gets angry when his teammates don’t field a ball as cleanly as the thinks they should have; Lackey gets angry when he gets pulled from a game sooner than he thinks he should be.

    So he hits him to punish him and teach him a lesson? How did that work out for him? It seems to be that the best recourse would be to stop giving up green monster-clearing HR’s to lowly BUC’s.

    What’s the difference between this and Ortiz clapping when he crosses the plate and then looking up at the sky to thank God for being on his side? Or Papelbon going nuts after every save? Or Beckett smirking everytime he hits someone? Other than the fact that they’re not wearing a Yankees uniform?

    I just don’t buy the crap people are selling about Yankees being the bad guys and Red Sox being the working class underdogs who are on the receiving end of the Evil Empire’s evil antics. I don’t buy the Sox’s righteous indignation. They contribute just as much to these situations.

    I hope you know how much I enjoy you and your writing. This isn’t meant to be confrontational. I just respectfully disagree with you on this one.

    1. I didn’t say anything justifying the Red Sox behaviors; Lackey’s problems with teammates; the timing of retaliating immediately; the Papelbon, K-Rod, Joba-style histrionics that go on after something good happens; I was talking about Cervelli basically pointing in Lackey’s and Saltalamacchia’s faces after hitting his second home run of the year and that certain pitchers are going to respond more forcefully and with less forward thinking than others and that if you’re going to do that, you’re asking for retaliation. And he got it. If he’s going to celebrate that way, he should’ve taken the HBP and walked to first base. No one would’ve said a word. It wasn’t at his head, it was right in the middle of his back; Lackey didn’t want to hurt him, he sent him a message and Cervelli made it worse by taking affront.
      As for the timing, in truth, this game was pretty much meaningless in the playoff scheme; both teams are going and Lackey might not get another shot at Cervelli this season, if at all. The Red Sox were already down by 2 runs; the game wasn’t tied. Sacrificing one game that’s not all that important to let Cervelli know not to do that again is worth it.
      But he’s going to do it again. And he’ll get hit again. Next time his teammates might not be so willing to defend him.

    1. The Yankees must’ve thought the same thing. A “we’ll defend him, but don’t mind seeing him get popped in the back,” type deal.
      Darren brought up some good points RE Cervelli on my FB page here.

  2. Okay..this was SO uncalled for! Cervelli was just trying to show that he was happy he hit it over the green monster…on his second home run of the year! WOW you MUST be a red sox fan or at least from Boston if you wrote this in such a manner…I’m a proud New Yorker and when i visit Boston i wear my pin-stripe and cap proud! Just face it, Yankees can run bases around the red sox…..and obviously Lackey has some MAJOR anger management problems. They have sychologists and therapists for that. He should take it into consideration… Yankees have won 27 World Series and the Red Sox have only won 16…. need i say more? 😛

    1. This posting was from last, what? August?
      Lackey’s out for the year with Tommy John surgery and Cervelli’s in the minors where he belongs. I don’t see the point in rehashing it.
      And I’m a Mets fan. For the record.

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