Bud Selig As The Lobotomized Roger Goodell

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While the idea of the Mets wearing hats from the NYPD and FDNY was symbolic and small in the grand scheme of remembrances of the catastrophic events on 9.11.2001, it wasn’t something that should’ve been dismissed for an arbitrary reason such as “consistency” as was proffered by MLB discipline czar Joe Torre.

We can go through all the collateral questions of this “wear the hats” controversy:

Where was the Vietnam veteran, Marine lawyer, all-around tough guy and Bud Selig crony, Mets GM Sandy Alderson during all this?

Why is Josh Thole, a rookie who can’t play and runs his words together when he speaks, the Mets’ player rep?

Who cares if the Mets chose to wear “unsanctioned” MLB hats in a game between themselves and the Cubs as the two teams are a combined 45 1/2 games out of first place and no one would otherwise be watching if not for the ceremonies beforehand?

We’ll ignore all that and the brainlessness of Selig’s tenure as MLB Commissioner.

This isn’t ending the All Star Game in a tie.

Nor is it pushing beer, beer and more beer on the fans to make as much money as possible during a game and then adding a “drink responsibly” or “designate a driver” as if they don’t realize that neither suggestion is or ever will be taken seriously.

It’s not a guided by expediency turning of a deaf, dumb and blind eye to rampant PED usage.

It’s not some ill-planned and bottom line idiotic version of “realignment” that’s limited to moving the Astros to the American League and adding two Wild Card teams.

It’s the Mets wanting to wear a different hat than mandated for one game.

But Selig decided to be a lobotomized version of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in terms of hard-line rules (and Goodell relaxed the NFL’s stringent rules today); and pulled Torre in front of him as a slightly younger (but still elderly) human shield to protect him from taking the blame of a decision that he could’ve shot the cuffs of his rumpled suit, gone to his rotary phone, made a phone call and reversed.

Torre wanted to be “consistent”? Did he really think other teams were going to squawk if the Mets got to wear NYPD hats and the Royals, Tigers, Dodgers and whoever didn’t?

And what would’ve been wrong with every team wearing a hat in honor of law enforcement? Were they worried that someone was going to walk out with a hat commemorating their favored gentleman’s club? Or Coca Cola when Pepsi Max is the official soft drink of MLB?

Wouldn’t it have been easier to just let them wear the hats than to look like a bunch of doddering and clueless imbeciles who don’t have any concept of the national mood?

I guess not.

Again MLB looks like a bunch of nitpicking fools who are so clumsy that they managed to screw up a tribute by deeming it illegal and threatened the Mets with a fine if they ignored the edict.

The PR savvy thing would’ve been to let the Mets wear the hats.

But this is MLB. The people running the game are tone deaf and tactically inept.

Don’t expect more because you’re not going to get it under this regime.


4 thoughts on “Bud Selig As The Lobotomized Roger Goodell

  1. I think that the statement that ESPN ‘issued’ without officially issuing it was pretty insane too. They said that ‘MLB didn’t want to get into the practice of deciding which events to allow teams to where hats to honor the events’ and that explanation is even more insulting.

    I think that if the Mets and Yankees wanted to wear the hats of first responders each year on 9/11 that its appropriate. I think it is also fitting since the Mets did wear the hats right after 9/11 and even got into a spat with MLB at the time.

    While I won’t talk about Thole, it is pretty telling that the Wilpons are so worried about the fine that they basically put the squash on the idea that the players would be willing to buck the suits at MLB to wear hats that honored the first responders on the 10th anniversary of September 11th.

    All around, this is a total shit show that anyone with half a brain and an ear towards what would make fans feel good about the game would have okayed without a second thought. Obviously, that’s asking a lot.

    1. It’s more of a story because they didn’t let them wear the hats; all this did was add more evidence to MLB tone-deafness; if it was something dangerous like players insisting on not wearing a helmet to the plate for whatever reason, then you flex executive muscles; but this?
      To me, the Jackie Robinson day of everyone wearing number 42 is something I wouldn’t allow. There are players I don’t recognize on sight and if they’re all wearing 42 without their names on the back, doesn’t that inhibit competitiveness? Might that cause someone to underestimate a player’s speed or velocity or something in a way that might cause injury?
      MLB is run by people who don’t think. It’s time to accept that.
      And if anyone starts with, “well Selig’s retiring after next year”, I say: Yeah? So?
      What makes anyone think that MLB is going to bring someone in who’s more competent than Selig was? If anything, they’ll hire someone worse.

      1. If he was maybe 10 years younger I’d agree, but I think this is it for him; for all the criticism he receives, this is MLB—watch them bring in someone worse.

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