Enough With The Mets And The Hats And The MLB And The Selig And The Torre

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Mets manager Terry Collins is right. The whole Mets/hat issue from 9/11 needs to go away.

Bud Selig’s “embarrassment” and anger are silly and could’ve been avoided by…letting the Mets wear the hats.

Joe Torre—MLB’s dean of discipline—has been on a bit of a PR blitz in part to protect MLB and in part to maintain his reputation as St. Joe of Brooklyn—He Who Hath Never Done Wrong.

Mike Francesa is officially aware of the controversy and he doesn’t care about it, therefore it doesn’t matter.

It’s gone over the top.

What was supposed to be a tribute to men and women who risked and lost their lives to help others has become a case of one-upsmanship, arrogance, egomania, self-serving agendas, whining and complaining.

It’s degenerated into bickering, empty threats, overreactions, non-stories and he-said/she-said.

Who really cares if Selig was irate? What’s he going to do about it?



So what?

He didn’t get angry over players shooting PEDs into themselves all over the place, but he’s mad about this?

Stop it.

Torre needs to keep quiet; the Mets need to move on; and the fans have had their say. Everyone with a brain thinks MLB dropped the proverbial ball by not letting the Mets wear the hats, but it’s over now and has run its course.

It’s enough.

Move on.

Nothing to see here.

Unless you’re looking for it to keep this going.

And why would anyone suspect something like that?


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