Prospects For The 2012 Mets Looking Increasingly Dim

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In comparison to last winter when the Mets biggest press conference apart from the introductions of new GM Sandy Alderson and new manager Terry Collins was the gala event celebrating the acquisition of Chin-lung Hu, you’d think the winter of 2011-2012 could hardly get worse.

And you’d be wrong.

With the public posturing by the Marlins that they’re going to be aggressive in free agency; the burgeoning young talent on the Nationals; and the Braves and Phillies all residing in the National League East, where does that leave the financially stagnant Mets?

Jose Reyes is 50-50 to stay or go; if Reyes stays, bet on David Wright to stay; if Reyes goes—especially if he goes to a division rival—the Mets can’t take offers on Wright because the remaining Mets fans willing to pay to see this team play won’t have any reason to go whatsoever apart from there being no line at Shake Shack.

There’s ample money coming off the books and negligible raises to players currently on the roster; if they keep Reyes, they should still have a few bucks to spend; but what they’re looking at is the same situation as last year—few viable options that will: A) help that much; B) want to join the Mets when they have other teams pursuing them.

So where does that leave them?

Trapped in the world of “hope”. Hope that Johan Santana comes back in some semblance of effectiveness and durability; hope that Jason Bay becomes the Jason Bay they thought they were getting; hope that the young players who’ve shown promise like Lucas Duda and Ruben Tejada continue to improve; hope that Ike Davis comes back…

Hope, hope, hope. It’s a planet few ever leave with their desires fulfilled.

At least they agreed to an extension with Tim Byrdak.

That should reduce the sting infinitesimally.


4 thoughts on “Prospects For The 2012 Mets Looking Increasingly Dim

  1. Really, having such low expectations can only work in the Mets favor. I would have to say that if Reyes does not resign, the team should probably do David Wright a huge favor and trade him. It would be good for him, because I think he would be almost suicidal on a probable 100 loss team and the prospects that could be brought back for him would help shorten the time before the Mets are able to contend again.

    Looking at the landscape, it isn’t a pipe dream to think that the Mets will finish in last place in the NL East for the next few seasons. Even if the team improves significantly, the rest of the division is either much further down the path to rebuilding or is just loaded with the kind of pitching that usually helps stop slumps from becoming terrible losing streaks, thus keeping teams relatively stable in the standings.

    1. They won’t trade Wright unless someone makes an offer they can’t refuse; if Reyes leaves and they trade Wright, there’s not going to be any reason for the fans to go to the games at all.

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