The Red Sox Beat Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, 7-4

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I wish I could take credit for the title, but it’s an adaptation of something I saw on Twitter.

Were the Yankees subtly saying to the Red Sox, “here, take the game” by not playing Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter when the situations called for them?

Are they letting the Red Sox have a slight advantage going into the final three games?


It’s subtle, but it’s possible.

With the Yankees playing 3 games against the Rays in Tampa and the Red Sox playing 3 against the Orioles in Baltimore; as the Red Sox are holding a 1 game lead in the Wild Card, common sense says that the Yankees would prefer to have the Red Sox—in their current hapless configuration—in the playoffs ahead of the younger, stronger, fresher, faster and pitching-rich Rays.

So did they shun using Jeter and A-Rod to that end? Did they put Scott Proctor into the game to pitch knowing what was likely to happen?

Any everyday player will tell you that it’s far more emotionally exhausting to sit on the bench for a game—especially a 14-inning game—rather than play in it; Jeter and A-Rod didn’t exactly get to “rest” even though they didn’t play.

The Red Sox are a horrible team right now; it took them 14 innings to beat what was essentially a Triple A lineup.

But now they’re heading to Baltimore with that 1 game lead; the Yankees are going to play the Rays who they beat in 3 of 4 games last week.

If the Yankees go all out tonight to beat the Rays, hoping that the Red Sox take care of business against the Orioles, it will be clear what was happening last night. They’ll deny it, but obviously they would prefer the wounded Red Sox in the playoffs to the Rays.

In retrospect, it could be a mistake if the Red Sox get themselves together in time for the playoffs, but you can’t deny the appearance of competitive impropriety.

The Yankees don’t owe the Rays or Red Sox anything, but don’t tell that to the Rays who were watching and presumably screaming at the TV while it was occurring.

Tonight will give a clearer indication of whether that was a “full rest” night for the Yankees star players or if they were manipulating the situation to their perceived advantage.

The answer’s clear from my end.



2 thoughts on “The Red Sox Beat Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, 7-4

  1. I’m not understanding exactly what the Yanks are trying to do by keeping the Red Sox alive. The Sox are almost certain to loose in the Division Series and the Rays has probably around a 40% chance of winning against either team. The Yanks can beat both teams if September is any indication of how they’ll play in the playoffs. I’m guessing the Sox are just figured to be easier to beat if they somehow manage to make it though the Tigers or Rangers.

    But look at last year’s manipulating. The Yankees tried to manipulate the game as to NOT play the Rangers. They let the Rays gain first place and then the Rays went against the odds and lost against the Rangers. If the Rays had won, they were figured by most to loose against the Yanks. So it’s not like you can really manipulate things to your favor all of the time.

    I honestly don’t know if the O’s hates the Sox or Yanks more, but if the Yanks won that game last night, then the O’s would have had the power of deciding who will go into the series (or at least making it go to a playoff wildcard game) because the Sox are so easy to beat right now. I’m certain the Yanks did not want the O’s to have this power and let the Rays in for sure. So it’ll be interesting to see the Yanks match whatever the O’s are doing to not make this so obvious.

    It’s just amazing at how BLUNT the Yanks had to be by putting a triple-A team out and letting it go 13 innings only to put out their worse pitcher to someone that had already hit 2 home runs that day. It would have been more obvious only if they had set up a t-ball stand for him to swat at and had all the players leave the field.

    I think the Yanks are still waiting to see who they’ll actually face before making a final decision on which team gets in, but I think that their stats say that the Red Sox are who they want. I’m thinking it really does not matter either way, but I suppose the Rays could heat up and would be too hard to beat, but I just don’t see that a realistic possibility. I probably would try last years trick once again and see if the Rays could beat the Rangers instead of handing the Sox over as an easy sweep win.

    1. The bizarre thing to me was the failure to use Jeter and A-Rod period under the pretense of a “full night off”. What’s the difference? The season’s over and the playoffs are here; one night isn’t going to make much of a difference health-wise if they pinch hit.
      It’s hard to manipulate playoff matchups; to me it was blatant what they did last night; whether they’re hoping the Rays beat them this week and the two teams have to play a one-game playoff to soften them up further is something to think about as well.
      It seems that the Yankees are overthinking it.

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