The Mets Bashing Tour Travels To Newark

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My sincerest apologies to those who were planning a family outing to Newark at some point in 2012 to see the Triple A club of the Yankees.

The heartless and brutal Mets—those known monsters of baseball—refused the Yankees request to allow their top farm club from Scranton Wilkes/Barre to play one season in Newark while the Scranton ballpark is refurbished.

They were well within their rights to do so.

The reason or reasons are irrelevant.

This latest criticism of the Wilpons is unfounded because no one knows who actually made the decision to deny the Yankees lobbying for the anti-trust exemption. There’s probably more to the story than what’s been reported so far.

Either way, how is this even an issue?

Because Jerry Izenberg wrote a partisan article about the Mets act and the history of baseball in Newark? Izenberg is 81-years-old; the piece is nostalgic of a lost time in the town of Newark that’s not going to return no matter how many affiliated clubs are attached to it. It’s a Philip Roth-style piece of “remember when” that has nothing to do with today’s reality.

That reality is that Izenberg and those who are protesting so loudly are doing so safe in the knowledge that perhaps a fraction of 1% of them would actually get up and go to a game in Newark to watch the Yankees farm club play.

If that many.

The only way people from New York (or from New Jersey) would go to Newark to watch that team is if there’s an injury-rehabbing Derek Jeter or Alex Rodriguez there for a night.

Self-interested parties are crafting a cause. This is a manufactured excuse to rip into the Mets for reasons that are clear. It’s agenda-laden and tinged with nonsense and has a shelf-life of a day. Those partaking are either digging for an attention-grabber or haven’t the faintest clue nor interest in what the true story is as to why the Mets said no. There might not be one, but there doesn’t have to be one.

No one cares other than to achieve their own ends and few are interested in a stroll down memory lane to the 1950s and they certainly wouldn’t be taking that stroll to go to Newark.


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