Bud Black As Angels GM?

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I’m not sure why there’s a continued choice to place Bud Black into positions with which he has little experience, but there’s talk that he could be a candidate for the vacant General Manager job with the Los Angeles Angels.

Whether or not it’s legitimate or random speculation is unknown.

I suppose it makes sense.

In theory anyway.

Black, the former Angels pitching coach, is close friends with manager Mike Scioscia; it’s known throughout baseball that Scioscia is entrenched and going nowhere, so it would behoove owner Arte Moreno to hire someone who’ll work with his manager relatively seamlessly.

If Black is willing to have his GM decisions yayed or nayed by the person who’s—technically—his underling, it’s not crazy. Black worked for John Hart in the Cleveland Indians front office, so it wouldn’t be a step off the field into unfamiliar terrain.

The parameters are in place and it’s not something to dismiss out of hand.

Black got the Padres managerial job with no managerial experience and the results have been up-and-down. The Padres have blown two playoff spots under Black largely due to mistakes on the part of the manager; while he handles the pitchers well, he’s not a particularly strong game manager. Perhaps, with all the young talent they have coming through the system from trades of Adrian Gonzalez and Mike Adams, they’d be better off with a different manager.

Former Red Sox assistant GM Jed Hoyer is the Padres GM. Could Terry Francona be a fit if Black leaves?

That would be a step up for the Padres, but how would Black function as the Angels GM?

I’m not a big fan of the one person having final say over all matters; if Scioscia is truly running the show in Anaheim, it would be hard for Black to do his job as GM. Some advocate the continuity of everyone being on the same page, I’d prefer to have individuals with strong opinions—even divergent ones—willing to express them and fight for what they want without one having the ability to say, “I’ve heard your argument, now go away.”

The energy of debate creates good things; I’m not sure that would be present with a neophyte GM and a very powerful manager, friends or not.


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