Replacing LaRussa

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Let’s take a look at some of the potential replacements (from my own addled head) for the retired Tony LaRussa as manager of the Cardinals.

These are in no particular order.

Terry Francona

It’s a ready-made situation; the players he’s managed, coached and played with have always spoken highly of Francona; he can handle anything.

The Cardinals and the mostly club-friendly media in St. Louis would be a welcome respite from the crisis-a-day atmosphere in Boston.

His tenure with the Red Sox didn’t end well and when he had to do some legitimate managing with a Phillies club that wasn’t very good, he did poorly.

The Cardinals are a contender, but they’re not stacked nor do they spend like the Red Sox.

He’d be agreeable to Albert Pujols.

He’s not an automatic for the job.

Joe Torre

Torre’s current job as executive VP of operations for MLB appears to have been at least as aggravating as managing and it’s nowhere near as financially lucrative. The only plus side is there’s less travel.

Torre was an MVP as a player with the Cardinals and the manager before LaRussa. Presumably his wife would give him the nod if he really wanted to do it on a 2-3 year deal to try and win another championship.

He’s got the star power and status to replace LaRussa and the Cardinals veterans—especially Pujols—would be onboard.

Jose Oquendo

A longtime LaRussa coach who deserves a chance to manage somewhere. I’m not a big fan of hiring someone from the staff to take over as manager, especially for a legend. It rarely works and I believe in bringing someone in from the outside or an organizational person who hadn’t been in the clubhouse.

Mark McGwire

I think he’d be good at it; the players like and respect him; but he’s never managed before and he’s very shy. He probably wouldn’t take criticism well.

Mike Jorgensen

A longtime respected member of the Cardinals front office who managed the club briefly after Torre was fired in 1995. He’s never shown an interest in managing, but going down on the field for a ready-made team for a couple of years might appeal to him. He’s 63, so it’s unlikely.

Tony Pena

The Yankees respected bench coach is loved by the players and is a former Cardinal. He deserves another chance as a manager.

Dave Duncan

Teams approached him years ago and he was never interested in managing. He’s 66, is short-tempered and doesn’t need the scrutiny.

Any other suggestions are welcome.


3 thoughts on “Replacing LaRussa

  1. Those are pretty much the same ones I’m hearing/thinking. I think Francona is the one I’d like to see in there the most, but Pena and Torre would be great. Imagine Torre coming back! It’d be a big deal in the ‘Lou.

  2. Ozzie Smith. He’s intelligent, a HOF player as a Cardinal, and has been distanced from the team by LaRussa’s presence. I’ve been waiting for Ozzie to take over from TLR since 1997.

    1. Ozzie’s a bright guy, but he’s been out of baseball ops since his retirement. The LaRussa departure probably opens the door for him to do more for the club—I thought the estrangement was somewhat silly after awhile—but as manager? They’re not going to replace LaRussa with Ozzie Smith, nor should they. As a Cardinals fan, you don’t want it either. Trust me.

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