Professional Wrestling, 21 Jump Street, Then Golf

Media, Players

I don’t follow golf, but if I did I doubt I’d be any more than scarcely aware as to whom the individual players’ caddies are.

I remember the Puff guy from Tiger Woods’s first Masters victory, mostly because of his mustache, but apart from that, they’re caddies—I would assume they’re like quality service in a restaurant: attentive, professional and only noticeable if they’re not doing a good job.

Prior to the past few months, there were several “Steve Williams” higher on my radar.

There was the late former professional wrestler and Oklahoma University football player Steve “Dr. Death” Williams who most famously (to me) wrestled the same night he’d received 107 stitches in his eye in a match earlier in the day.

There’s also the fine character actor Steven Williams who played Captain Fuller in 21 Jump Street and was Mr. X in the X-Files among many other roles.

Now I know who Steve Williams the caddie is.

In case you missed it, the caddie Williams—who engaged in a public spitting match (almost entirely on his end) after Woods fired him—made a comment regarding Woods that wound up adding to his reputation as an obnoxious, self-centered, bitter and arrogant jerk.

Receiving a caddy of the year award in Shanghai, Williams made the comment comment, “I wanted to shove it up that black arsehole,” in reference to Woods after he was questioned on his silly behavior after assisting his new employer, Adam Scott, to a win in another tournament.

I don’t think it was intended as a racist comment.

It was just stupid.

Is Woods not allowed to fire an employee without being subjected to continued vitriol for making that decision?

And how is this going to help Williams’s career? Is he looking for a book deal? To aggrandize himself? Does he want “revenge” in a Homer Simpson, bridge-torching sort of way for Woods having employed him and presumably paying him lucratively?

Does he want lay-golf-people to know that he’s the “golf Steve Williams” and not the wrestler Steve Williams or the actor Steven Williams?

Well, he’s accomplished his goal if that’s the case.

Someone needs to tell the golf caddie Steve Williams to carry the bags and keep his mouth shut. That’s if anyone wants him to carry the bags anymore at all.


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