Mount Kill-A-Met-Jaro

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I searched the web and social media sites and no one—no one!?!—came up with the clever “Kill-A-Met-Jaro” gag? I’m disappointed with the world in general and impressed with myself in particular.

More so than usual.

With the Mets having advised pitcher R.A. Dickey that they: A) would prefer he doesn’t try to climb Mount Kilimanjaro; and B) won’t pay him if he does and is unable to pitch due to an injury incurred during the expedition, it’s not necessarily a “no” from the Mets; it’s just an advisory of the risks Dickey is inviting by doing it against club wishes.

In this Wall Street Journal piece, Brian Costa relates Dickey’s preparation for the task and the Mets objections.

D.J. Carrasco continues being an unending burden on the Mets. This time it’s not for his performance or that the club, for some reason, gave him a 2-year contract last winter, but that he purchased the oxygen deprivation mask in which Dickey trains for the climb.

Carrasco’s a gift in his own right—the kind that keeps on giving.

All kidding aside, Dickey’s highly educated; a bit quirky; and a grown man—he can do what he wants—but for someone who took so long and had such a long and arduous road to stick in the big leagues and garner a multi-year, multi-million dollar contract, it’s a bit irresponsible to put himself at risk even if there supposedly isn’t that much risk.

From the time he was drafted and the Rangers discovered that he was born without an ulnar collateral ligament in his elbow and slashed his signing bonus because of it; to his ineffectiveness and big league struggles; then bouncing between the minors and majors trying to master the knuckleball and finally landing with the Mets, Dickey must’ve decided that the climb is a worthwhile endeavor.

It’s his right to do it, but it’s also within the Mets rights to try to talk him out of it and remind him of the professional and personal gamble he’s taking.

I was a guest today with former MLB player Les Norman on his baseball show Breakin’ the Norm on the ESPN affiliate 810 WHB in Kansas City talking about Yorvit Torrealba‘s shoving incident with the umpire in Venezuela. The show begins at 7 PM Central Time.

Click on the link above; check my Twitter/Facebook pages; or back here to listen.


4 thoughts on “Mount Kill-A-Met-Jaro

  1. I agree with your take on RA and Mets letter to him though I wouldn’t call his decision irresponsible. It’s his decision, along with that of his family as to what value they place on his contract vs. his participation in the climb and reasons for it.

    In regards to RA’s arm issue, you incorrectly noted he’s missing the ulna nerve. What he’s missing is the Ulna Collateral Ligament in his pitching elbow.

    1. You’re right about the ligament.
      I find it to be irresponsible whether his wife is okay with it or not. It’s not worth it in any permutation and is unnecessary. That has nothing to do with the Mets or his contract.

      1. There’s ticket angecies. I’d suggest Ticket Master. Sometimes you can catch a break. There could be scattered seats throughout games that are still available to buy though. It’s costly, but worth it every now and than. I tend to be more crafty though. What I mean by that is I sneak into the seats, but making my way in through with crowds. You’re usually able to get away with it after the 6th inning or so. If you get caught, just pretend like you didn’t know where your ticket went.I used to do this at Tropicana Field all the time, but that was before the Rays were good lol There sales were so low they’d encourage you to food into the stadium. I always brought subway. I bought the cheapest $ 10 seats and snuck into the $ 150 seats. As long as it wasn’t the Yankees or Red Sox in town, it was all good.Hey Yankee fan down there, you shouldn’t press your luck downing the Mets after just losing your steroid pumping 3B. You may be the guy’s hoveirng or going below .500 without him. The Mets going below .500? That’d take some sort of catastrophe Reyes and Wright having a head on collision on a line drive and being out for the year. The Mets aren’t just going to win the NL East, but they’re won to take the NL and win the World Series. I wish they could do it again the Yankees, but they’ll be overwhelmed by their competition. I can’t wait for the Rays to win the AL East again.

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