From Here to October

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The following headline in today’s NY Times is an example why people hate the Yankees and Phillies.

Early Whiff of October for Yankees and Phillies

The story itself implies that only a moron wouldn’t want a matchup of the Yankees and Phillies.

Nick Swisher said:

“This is exactly the World Series that everyone wants to see.”

It is?

This is a drastic misinterpretation of “wants” on the part of fans.

Are there segments of fans that “want” to see the matchup between the Phillies and Yankees?

I suppose there are…in the fanbases of the Phillies and Yankees.

But more people want to see a repeat of the stories that took place last season:

Alex Rodriguez striking out to end the ALDS and looking inept while doing it as he couldn’t catch up to a Jose Valverde fastball.

The high powered Phillies getting bounced in the first round and ending the game in a symbolic fashion in terms of their broken season with Ryan Howard not only grounding out as the tying run at the plate, but tearing his Achilles tendon doing it and being left writhing on the ground while the Cardinals celebrate in a dead silent Citizens Bank Park.

The Red Sox imploding and collapsing their way out of the playoffs with subsequent bickering, departures, unforeseen hirings and ongoing madness.

The Rays’ borderline miraculous comeback and series of dramatic homers; the Cardinals catching the Braves and taking out the Phillies, Brewers and Rangers when they were heavy underdogs in each series—all are part of why we watch baseball.

It’s the first day of spring training and already we’re hearing about the superiority of the Yankees and Phillies. Never mind the reality that both teams are far more flawed and questionable than the aforementioned Red Sox and Phillies were a year ago when the implication was that the season didn’t need to be played at all and they were automatically guaranteed of spots in the World Series to determine which powerhouse would rule the world. (And I’m guilty of that too.)

We don’t know what’s going to happen and what the people “want” has little to do with what we’ll see from here to October.

The headline was absurd and the text therein was, amazingly, worse.


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