Did The “Key” Break In The Lock?

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Amid the Yankees scrambling after the Mariano Rivera injury (referred in some ludicrous, self-centered and delusional circles as a “tragedy”), it’s gone almost completely unreported that Jose Campos is now hurt as well.

The big league portion of the trade that sent Jesus Montero and Hector Noesi to the Mariners was, of course, Michael Pineda.

Pineda was meant to fill a gaping hole in the Yankees’ rotation and provide the team with quality innings at an affordable and controllable price for the foreseeable future.

Pineda is on the disabled list and expected to be out for a year after undergoing arthroscopic surgery on a torn labrum in his shoulder.

But Pineda wasn’t seen as the most important piece in the trade.


The most important piece—the “key” as it were—was the 19-year-old Campos. Campos received raves from everyone who’s seen him. Apparently he’s a wonderful talent.

Naturally the attempts to bolster the value of this trade predicated that Campos be treated as if he’s the big piece in the deal. This was especially so after Pineda got hurt.

But now, after a brilliant start for the Yankees’ single-A affiliate in Charleston, South Carolina, Campos is on the 7-day disabled list and underwent an MRI for an elbow issue after getting blasted for 8 runs, 7 hits and 3 walks in 2.2 innings on April 28th.

You can read a small snippet (all I could find about it without digging) here on the Minor Matters Blog.

He was placed on the disabled list retroactive to May 1st.

It’s now May 5th.

They don’t have the results?

There’s no news about this?

I did a websearch and only found a couple of mentions about this and had to go to the Charleston Riverdogs’ website to see Campos’s gamelog stats.

There’s no mention of Campos’s injury nor of him getting an MRI anywhere on that site. Not on the headlines; not in the game reports; not in the press releases. Nowhere.

Are the Yankees stonewalling? Hoping no one notices that the other piece—the “key”—is now injured as well?

Where’s the news release? The information?

There is no information. The way they’ve kept silent is a clear indicator that they’re trying to find a way to spin “doctor” (intentional pun) their way out of the inevitable and endless ridicule they and GM Brian Cashman will receive (and deserve) for making that trade and getting two pitchers who both got injured a month into their first season as members of the Yankees.

Disaster doesn’t even begin to describe this trade.

And it’s getting worse and worse with no end in sight.



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