Curt Schilling’s Rhode Island Quagmire

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Curt Schilling has that Leona Helmsley “I’m about to faint” look on his face.

Leona famously said only the little people pay taxes. Schilling seems to think similarly in terms of business practices.

His logic is whiny to say the least and Richard Nixon/Bill Clinton-like to say the most.

It’s Rhode Island’s fault that his video game company is broke and he was unable to secure extra financing to prop it up for an extended period—a period that, from the looks of things, was going to do nothing more than postpone the inevitable? The other day, I discussed the Schilling-Rhode Island mess and wondered what he was thinking getting into such a niche venture and, according to him, risking his remaining (and vast) fortune from baseball of $50 million. Now I’m wondering what he’s going to do after this disaster. He’s not particularly well-liked in baseball; his Republican buddies aren’t going to have anything to do with him in an election year because he can’t help them; and he’s not qualified to do much of anything outside of baseball or being a celebrity endorser. And I doubt a “Will Pitch For Food” booth outside of Fenway Park is going to do much good because he can’t pitch anymore.

For someone whose rhetoric has been staunchly anti-government, he’s almost certain to need the government’s help to extricate himself from this financial quagmire.

My guess is if he calls his “friends” in politics they’ll be slow to return his calls, if they return them at all. There’s always the Family Guy Mayor of Quahog, Adam West. Then again, not even the original TV Batman can save Schilling from his archenemy Governor Lincoln Chafee.

Tune in next week. Same Schill-time; same Schill-channel.



4 thoughts on “Curt Schilling’s Rhode Island Quagmire

  1. Like most of these small government, I made it all myself, no one ever did a thing for me types, Curt comes crawling out with his hand out when times are tough.

    Don’t worry, if he were to get rescued and turned it around, he would conveniently forget that the government helped him.

    1. I don’t see how he could turn it around even with a bailout. His company came out with one moderately successful game in six years. That doesn’t sound like a good ratio considering the money he put in and the time spent.

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