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I wrote a guest posting on about Joe Buck and Tim McCarver and why we may not be sentenced to a lifetime of listening to (or muting) the diuretic duo.

This gun’s for hire.

Check it out here.


3 thoughts on “My Guest Posting Appearance On

  1. excellent piece on joe and tim. I would add re. Joe that his smarminess extends to his monotone delivery; he seems to think that he is so ‘good’ that he doesn’t need to speak like a normal announcer/normal person.

  2. also it is ironic that the very same stats ‘mavens’ who extol joe morgan for his playing career deride his announcing career: at least partially for Morgan’s seeming denigration of the stats movement.

    1. Morgan’s a horrible broadcaster, but he did have the HOF card to play.
      I had to edit for space and deleted the mentioning of other irritating aspects of Buck such as he wouldn’t be broadcasting anything other than the roller derby if his name was Joe Smith and not Joe Buck and he wasn’t the son of one of broadcasting’s greats, Jack Buck.

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