The Adductor Is NOT In The Elbow

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How many not-so-bright fans (I didn’t say Yankees’ fans, I said “fans” meaning in general) are going to read and hear that CC Sabathia is going on the disabled list with an adductor strain and think it’s something with his elbow; will think that he’s heading for Tommy John surgery; will think that he’s lost for a year; will demand that the Yankees immediately trade for Zack Greinke, Matt Garza, Felix Hernandez or, as in the warped Yankee-centric mind of Joel Sherman, Cliff Lee?

There’s a contingent of Yankees’ fans who will understand that Sabathia’s injury is to his left leg (his push off leg) and will still want the club to trade for a star commensurate with Sabathia’s status for the two starts he’s scheduled to miss.

It’s the way of the world in the Bronx.

An easy way to remember that the adductor comes from the hip to the inside of the leg is to think of adding in, bringing the leg inward toward the body. The abductor goes away from the body.

Ad in, ab out.

With Sabathia, this isn’t anything to worry about. Sabathia doesn’t want to go on the disabled list and if it were a September pennant race, I’d venture a guess that he wouldn’t go on the disabled list; he’d take a painkilling shot and pitch through it. But the Yankees, ever concerned about innings, pitch counts and manufactured limits even for a pure horse who logs 230 innings a year like Sabathia does, will take any opportunity to give a pitcher some extra time off.

The Yankees currently have a 4 game lead in the AL East and with the second Wild Card now available they’re in a strong position to make the playoffs, so it makes sense not to take chances. That logic isn’t going to prevent the phone calls that will be made to Mike Francesa at 1:00; it won’t stop the YES Network “personalities” from assessing the situation with a panicky undertone as if these things only happen to the Yankees and it’s a tragedy when they do.

On a positive note, I doubt YES and its affiliated blogs will be able to ignore the Sabathia injury as if it never happened as they did with the still disabled Manny Banuelos and Jose Campos.

Sabathia’s too big a presence in stature and performance to hide—especially when his absence is so conspicuous, 4 game lead or not.


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