John Farrell’s Meaningless Return To Toronto

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Why would the Blue Jays or their fans care about John Farrell’s highly publicized return to Toronto after he was traded (and wanted to go) to the Red Sox? The media seems to believe that there’s a reason to turn Farrell into more than what he was to the Blue Jays.

Here’s the reality:

  • He was a disappointment as Blue Jays’ manager
  • He didn’t do a good job
  • Had the Red Sox not wanted Farrell, the Blue Jays would probably have fired him
  • No one in Toronto from the Blue Jays organization to the intelligent fans and members of the media understood why the Red Sox wanted him in the first place
  • No one in Toronto was sorry to see him go

So what’s the big hubbub about? Are they going to boo him? Why? He did them a favor by wanting to go to Boston. They should be happy that he’s managing a team in their division so the same things he did wrong for the Blue Jays will be done wrong against the Blue Jays and he’ll help his former club win a few games against his new club.

The Red Sox were hypnotized by the past, hoping that bringing an insider from the Terry Francona days would yield a happier, more productive work atmosphere. It all ties into the blame that was loaded onto the desk of Bobby Valentine when the 2012 mess was a communal effort and Valentine had zero chance of succeeding with the forces in the clubhouse and front office lined up against him. The perception will be different with Farrell, but the results will be similar in large part because he’s got everything a team would look for in a manager except for one important element: he’s not good at managing. The Blue Jays saw the stoic countenance, impressive interview skills, imposing size, and glossy resume and thought they were getting one thing when they got another. They’re better off without him and the reaction to his return should reflect that. They shouldn’t care.



2 thoughts on “John Farrell’s Meaningless Return To Toronto

  1. Of course, Terry Francona came to the Red Sox with an .500 record as a manager, and a whole city of fans who considered him a failure because of that. Let’s see if Toronto, like Philly, also made a dumb mistake that Boston can capitalize on.

    1. Two separate issues. Francona had extensive experience as a minor league manager and was running a terrible team with the Phillies. Then he went to be a bench coach for the A’s and was in the front office for the Indians. His resume was legit. Farrell had much more talent with the Blue Jays than Francona ever had with the Phillies. Plus Francona knew what he was doing and Farrell doesn’t. Maybe it’s due to a lack of experience or, as I believe, he runs his team like a pitcher and implements strategies that bothered him when he was pitching. That’s not the way to manage and it shows.

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