Tigers Acquire Delmon Young

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This is a “why not?” move.

The Tigers traded a low-level lefty named Cole Nelson and a player to be named later to the Twins for outfielder Delmon Young.

You can make the argument that if, as the MLB Trade Rumors link suggests, the acquisition of Young means that Magglio Ordonez will lose his starting job, the Tigers might’ve been better off simply benching Ordonez and playing Andy Dirks rather than acquiring Young.

Young hasn’t been much better this season than Ordonez.

But he’s a veteran bat who was very good last season and could benefit from joining a team that’s in a pennant race.

Nelson is big (6’7″, 233), but doesn’t strike anyone out and walks a few too many hitters for a contact pitcher; but he doesn’t allow many homers and seems to be a Twins-type of pitcher who’ll take advantage of his defense. He’s 22 and still in High-A ball, so he won’t be a big league candidate for awhile, if at all. It’s a sad but true state of affairs that this was about all they were going to get for Young, who was a non-tender candidate this winter.

After losing 11 of 13, the Twins appear to have accepted that they’re not going anywhere this year—a realization that’s never guaranteed with them. They’re lucky that the trades that were being discussed at the deadline—the most bizarre of which would’ve sent Denard Span to the Nationals for Drew Storen—didn’t go through.

Manager Jim Leyland likely would’ve bristled at the concept of benching the veteran Ordonez and replacing him with Dirks even if Dirks is a better option than both Ordonez and Young, but they got Young for nothing.

So why not?



Precision Strikes 6.30.2011

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Yankees reacquire Sergio Mitre setting off a storm of hilarity.

Because Sergio Mitre is seen as manager Joe Girardi‘s pet, there’s a neverending wellspring of jokes at the righty’s expense.

But as far as middle-relievers who can pitch multiple innings, spot start and pitch in a blowout, is it that funny? No. Mitre’s not that bad.

Yes he gives up homers and when he gets hit, he gets hit hard; but he was pretty good for the Yankees in 2010; and he’s pitched well enough for the Brewers this season functioning with a horrible defense behind him. That won’t be a problem with the Yankees.

He is what he is and what that is isn’t worthy of the ridicule heaped upon him for being Sergio Mitre.


The Mets-Tigers game from last night will be shown in managerial courses everywhere.

No such thing as “managerial courses” you say? Maybe I’ll start one.

It’ll be shown for glaring examples of what not to do.

The two most bizarre/egregious gaffes came when Mets manager Terry Collins called for lefty reliever Tim Byrdak to pitch to Tigers pinch hitter Andy Dirks.

Sound strategy except for the fact that Byrdak wasn’t aware he was supposed to be warming up. He’d warmed up the prior inning and wasn’t ready.

It looked like a Benny Hill skit as Byrdak grabbed his glove and came running out of the bullpen. Dirks hit a floating curveball—that I think I could’ve hit—out of the park; a livid Byrdak slammed the resin bag onto the mound and was yanked right after that bit of satire.

As far as the blame game for that goes, hey, these things happen. Managers and coaches are human beings and human beings make mistakes. The Mets won. No harm, no foul. Don’t let it happen again.

On the other side, Tigers manager Jim Leyland brought utilityman Don Kelly in to record the final out of the Mets half of the 9th inning.


I dunno.

Maybe he wanted to loosen up his tight and struggling club; maybe he was telling his relievers they were so terrible that he was bringing in a position player to pitch.

I didn’t understand it even though Kelly retired Scott Hairston on a fly out.

If the Tigers win today maybe Leyland will be credited for being the grizzled, veteran manager who had his fingers on the pulse of his team and sensed they needed a laugh; in reality, if the Tigers win today, it’ll be because Justin Verlander is pitching.

But whatever works!