Theo Epstein And The Cubs

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We’re hearing all sorts of rumors of whom the Cubs might pursue to be their General Manager, but no one has apparently been, y’know, interviewed.

Apart from doling contract extensions to people who are already in the organization, Cubs owner Tom Ricketts hasn’t said much of anything as to what he’s looking for in new GM.

The Billy Beane talk appears to have come and gone and was mostly on the side of Beane and his minions because Beane wants out of Oakland. I thought for sure that it would happen, but the Cubs don’t look interested. Maybe they studied Beane’s actual accomplishments and didn’t partake in the propaganda from Michael Lewis and Hollywood.

Now with the Red Sox in disarray, Theo Epstein’s name is out there.

I’m not buying it.

First, if a big name GM is going to take a job—any job—he won’t want to walk in with a staff in place. He’ll want to bring in his own people. Since Ricketts gave a 4-year contract extension to farm director Oneri Fleita and clearly wants scouting director Tim Wilken to stay, I have to wonder whether the new GM will already be handcuffed when he walks in the door and would willingly accept such immediate constraints.

In terms of compensation for hiring an Epstein-type, are the Cubs going to start giving up players for a GM?

In a practical sense, the Cubs just fired a GM, Jim Hendry, who’d spent a load of money for limited gain.

Um, anyone notice anything about the Red Sox of 2010-2011?

Why go down that road again and do so with a GM upon whom you’ve already placed shackles with the staff contract extensions? Why put out the perception that the GM isn’t in charge of everything he’s supposedly in charge of as he takes the job?

I don’t see the Cubs going down the road of a “name” GM unless one falls into their laps.

I see them hiring someone younger who is probably a currently respected assistant. The Jerry DiPoto-type would be a far better choice than hiring Epstein under the current circumstances even if Epstein wants to go to the Cubs.

Beane wanted it too and look what’s happened there. He’s trapped in a crowded movie theater surrounded by sycophants and a bad team.

Creative non-fiction was better than reality and that’s coming to light with each questioning glance as to why, if he’s a “genius”, his team is so awful.

It’s simplistic, but truth has met accuracy.

They’re not always the same.

In this case though? They are.